Changing Plans Because I Need to Think

Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012, Monte Rio, CA.

Can’t seem to make up my mind what to do today?


I woke up with good intentions to install my fuel lines in my van for the injection project, one of the few larger things I have to do to complete this project.

It takes a while for the sun to come out from  some big redwood trees, before it shines on the van to warm it up and make it more enjoyable to work on, but this time of year, the sun is low in the sky, so it takes even longer for this to happen.

This was good, because I needed time to do some thinking about my corn situation and what it means to the world. :O) The sun finally came out from that big ol redwood, but I was thinking too much about the corn thing to do a good job putting in the fuel lines, so I decided it would be better to get away from here, where my computer is and go down to Monte Rio to go kayaking, a good place to do some more thinking.

So, off I went headed for the Monte Rio boat ramp, which I did some mud cleaning with my shovel yesterday. It was still real muddy. I had to shovel some more because the river had gone down a couple feet. Below is what it looked like after I put the boat in the water. My shoveled trail goes down the left side. It’s real sticky stuff.


My plan was to yak down to Villa Grande hole where the sun was still shining. Below is a pic of what the river looked like on he way down there. It was still fairly muddy.



I decided to just sit around the Villa Grande hole to do some serious thinking about the corn stuff. It’s a beautiful spot, as you can see below.



I stayed around the area for a couple of hours before working my way slowly back up stream to the Monte Rio boat ramp. The below shot is just another one from the Villa Grande Hole.



While paddling up the river, just below Monte Rio, I ran into the most dangerous thing in the river, this plastic stuff. Do you realize your government is requiring all types a plastic netting to stabilize dirt work, and where it is going, all down the river, just a matter of time.

Seems silly to try to fix one problem by introducing another stupid problem no one has given enough thought too.

Everyone should understand that everything in a river basin will eventually go down the river to the ocean, even you, it’s only a matter of how many years it will take.

Below you can see some green plastic material, used for what or by who, I don’t know?



I got a lot of that thinking done and had a nice day on the river, even with the mud. Now, what I’ve been thinking about needs to get into this blog as it’s also my journal and I will put it in as soon as I find out a couple more things about it. I never would have believed I would be involved in something like this.

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