Misty Quad Runner Ride Up In the Hills Above Guerneville

Friday April 5, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Rainy type day

It was misting lightly as I got it going today and  it was supposed to rain all day.

First thing I went out and fed the chickens. Of course they wanted out to graze so I let them out.chickens


Quad runner ride in the mist

Around noon the mist was real light so I got the quad runner going. It needed a ride to charge up the battery.

Some deer

I headed across the road and on up into the hills going through this area. I spooked about six deer out as I went. You can see two of them up ahead.deer


I took a left turn here and on up the hill.leftroad


Almost to  the top here as I raced up that road.road


Ridge top

It didn’t take long to make it to the ridge top that overlooks the town of Guerneville. It was raining lightly here a bit more than the mist.quad



The town of Guerneville is down there and is getting a light rain.guerneville


Rain and wind

I didn’t stay long at the ridge top as it was raining a bit harder and the wind was blowing so I headed on off the ridge after a short time.

This was the road I took as I cruised around.road6


There were plenty of springs popping out of the hills from the recent rains.road7


Water tanks

I worked my way down and headed for the water tanks to check them out to make sure they were full of water and everything was working right.

Water tanks are just  up ahead, or down ahead I guess.road8


Here’s the water tanks and all of them are full to the brim and plenty of water is coming out the overflow.tanks


On the way back home I stopped in here at one of my brother Tom’s gardens.

Armstrong Valley Farm

He runs Armstrong Valley Farm. Onions are planted there. I walked around and checked out what he was growing.



I headed on home from here and put the bike away. It was still misting so I went in the house for a nap.

I ventured outside on and off during the day but with the weather like it was it wasn’t a good day to accomplish much so I didn’t. But I did have a nice leisurely day which is always nice once and awhile.

That was my day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    This leisurely days are always fun sounds like you enjoyed it.

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