All You Need to Know About Hard-Boiled Eggs, A Headache and a New Trail Through the Yard

Thursday April 4, 2019 Guerneville CA.

More on hard boiled eggs

There seems to be some interest in hard boiling eggs. I was surprised to see a comment from my cousin Eric who lives down in the southern California area that I hadn’t seen in a few years. He sent this address that pretty much explains most stuff on hard boiled eggs that you might want to check out. Thanks Eric.

After looking through most of this I’m ok with what I’m doing. The eggs I’m cooking longer don’t seem to be rubbery and taste ok to me. Part of the problem peeling a fresh egg is they are too tender so the whites rip easier so a firmer while helps a lot.

A bit of a headache

Anyway, I woke with a slight headache this morning and it was overcast so not a good day to do much anyway although I did have some plans for things to do.

I let the chickens out and then went back in the house for a nap hoping to ditch the headache but it stayed with me until afternoon.

Aired up the tires

I did air up the tires on this old trailer so I could move it a bit as it’s in the way of where I want to move the trail across the yard my brother uses with his golf cart as the old trail is too close to some of my fruit trees.trailer


Too heavy for me to move

I wasn’t sure I could move it by hand so I tried and could barely move it. I finally got the quad runner out and rested the trailer tongue on the front rack and was able to push it back to this spot.moved


Laying out the new trail

I laid out the new trail with pieces of firewood. You can see the trail veers off to the right from the old trail.newtrail


I blocked the old trail to get my brother started on the new trail. It didn’t’ take the chickens long to start scratching around in the spot I was working.chickens


And a bit of rain

It rained lightly late afternoon so that put  me back in the house for another nap and that was about it for me today.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    At least you got a little something done today. Hope you’re feeling better, Bob.

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