Monday Yard Work and Hooking Up a Water Spring

Monday May 26, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Since today was still a holiday and people would be out on the river, I decided it would be another good day to stay home and get some much needed yard work done.

I had mowing the weeds on my mind. I like green weeds, but these guys were starting to turn brown so needed mowing for fire protection.

I fueled the mower and got it started and commenced mowing away

The mower and the grass. Most of the poppies had to go too, but I left a few.mowgrass


I mowed grass until the mowers gas tank was empty which wasn’t soon enough. That pretty much tired me out so I had a break in my chair here in the shade.resting


Henrietta came by

Henrietta is one of my brothers chickens. Although I don’t think he calls her that.  He says this hen would never come in at night when the others did and it wasn’t giving him any eggs either.

So, one day while leaving the hen house after feeding the chickens, Henrietta jumped onto his electric golf cart and stayed on it to his house. She’s been living around his house and mine and my brother says she still isn’t giving any eggs. In the mean time, she has been eating his new garden plants he just planted. He says he should kill her,……. I don’t think he will.

This is one smart chicken. She stopped by for a bit while I was taking a break.chicken


Had to rest up a bit

All that mowing made me hungry so I got something to eat and a little nap too.

A bit of spring work

Next, I thought I better go up to our water springs and turn some more water into the tanks. I hopped on my little four wheeler and headed on up the hill to where the springs are.

Some fox glove flowers were blooming on the road to the springs.foxgloves


This is the little gully our main spring is in and all that water needs to be directed to our water tank. No problem, I had set up pipes to do that last year and all I had to do was pipe another spring into the main line, which I did. The spring is at the bottom of the picture out of sight, not the top, that’s down hill.water


I plumbed the white pipe from the spring into the main line. The other black pipe coming from the right also needs to be put into the main pipe, but I didn’t have fittings for that, so I’ll have to come back soon. I’m wasting about a quarter gallon a minute of water there. It adds, up. However, the spring I just added was just over a gallon a minute.springwater


After that, I continued on up the hill a ways further to look at another spring I need to develop. I dug it out a bit with a stick as I forgot a shovel.

This little spring may not look like much, but there is over a half gallon a minute coming out of it, which is hard to see in the picture.spring


I was going to go to the top of the hill, but I ran into downed trees blocking the road, so I gave that idea up and went down to see how our water tanks were doing as far as water?

The water gauge was down further than I thought it would be, so it’s good that I added some more water to the system. It read four feet, which is pretty low.watertanks


Where Henrietta is supposed to live

On the way back I stopped at my brothers chicken house area. This is where Henrietta is supposed to be living. Not that girl, she wants all her stuff to her self.



I walked around some of my brothers garden area. Here he has some different squashes. I saw some movement over in the grape vines to the right.squashplants



A pair of Quail were sneaking by me.quail


And the great ditch

Back home, I rested up some more, then went out and dug about twenty five feet of my yard water pipe ditch I’ve been working on. Watering it the other day sure helped for easier digging.ditch


That ditch finally wore me out for the day and I had to give it up and go take another rest just before dark.

I got a few things accomplished today which needed to be done, so tomorrow, I’m going kayaking.

Nice day.

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