Doing Spring Yard Work on a Nice Spring Day

Sunday May 25, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Some fire protection work too

Since today was a holiday, it seemed like a good day to stay home and do some yard work that I’ve been putting off.

First up, was up on the roof and sweep off the redwood leaves that accumulated up there last winter. There wasn’t a lot of it, so it didn’t take too long, but now I had to go down on the ground and move the redwood leaves to my blue berry patch for mulch, which I did.

Here is the redwood leaves I swept off the roof and loaded into my wheel barrel to haul to the blue berry patch.roofmulch


Of course, after that a good break was in order until I had the energy to move some manure to the blue berry patch too.

This is a wheel barrel full of manure I’m moving to the blue berry patch behind it. Not far to move it, but had to be done. I then put the sprinkler on the blue berry patch to wash some of the nutrients from the manure into the patch soil. About six loads of manure did it the job.ditch


Another break and then I greased my drive lines in my van, getting it ready for another trip soon.greasevan


As soon as I rested up from that task, I dug on my water ditch for awhile, but found it too dry and hard, so I put the sprinkler on it for an hour to soften up the ground for digging later.ditch


I puttered around doing this and that in the yard pretty much until it got dark and that was my day. I need to get the yard work done so I can get going on my trip to Nevada soon. Certain things have to be done in the yard for fire protection and some things just need to be done because it’s spring and time marches on, rather fast.

I had a good day working around the yard.

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