An Eagle, a Dead Seal and Eating Berries

Monday May 25, 2015 Jenner CA.

Ray’s truck was parked in the parking lot at Jenner this morning. Looked like a nice day. A bit overcast but the wind was down.

I put my boat in the water and decided to head down to the river’s mouth area, so I paddled across the river to Penny Island and went on down the side of it.

The bird on the stick

Near the bottom end of the island I was checking out these geese that were being quiet for a change when I noticed the bird in the background.geeseeagle


Young eagle

It looks like a young bald headed eagle to me. It just sat there as I passed on by.eagle


Not all harbor seal pups make it

I crossed over the open water and noticed these turkey vultures sitting on the shoreline so I went over to investigate. Seems a young seal met it’s end and now was just a fest for the birds.deadseal2


The river’s mouth is open

I paddled over by the open river’s mouth to check it out. It’s open right near the end of the jetty. There were a bunch of harbor seals on the beach on the right.rivermouth


Seal guard lady

I heard someone say, you’re too close to the seals. The seal lady was telling me to back off, so I waved and complied.

From watching the seals over the years, I really don’t think they need this kind of protection. The seal people mean well, but actually, them standing guard makes the seals nervous as the seal people are uppity and the seals sense this so they spook even easier. From my experience, the seals can take care of themselves.seallady


That’s just my opinion of course. :O)

Ray and his daughter

Shorty after that, I ran into Ray and his daughter down at the end of the river, so I joined them as we headed back up the river.

Honking geese

There were some geese on the shoreline on the upper end of Penny Island. They honked as we went by them.geese


Resting ducks

And we passed by these ducks resting up on these redwood logs covered with sea weed type stuff.birds


I watched a couple terns flying around and diving for fish as I followed Ray and his daughter up to Paddy’s rock. Here’s one of the terns as it flew over my head.tern



Ray and his daughter turned around at Paddy’s rock and went on back while I continued on up to the muskrat area and sat for a good while taking it easy. I was feeling hungry and had no snacks, but was thinking I might be able to go ashore at swamp rock to eat some blackberries, if I could find a place to land that wasn’t too muddy?

I headed down river with that in my mind. I stopped here at the redwood graveyard for quite a spell, still thinking of getting some berries, just up ahead.logs


Landed at swamp rock

I found a place to land with just a little mud and made it to shore OK. I walked around looking for blackberries through the swamp.
The swamp is just drying up, so one can walk around it without getting too muddy.swamp


I had to hunt a lot for the blackberries as they are just getting started and hide well in the bushes. I had found enough here and there to satisfy myself.
But on the way back to the boat, I went another way and hit the jackpot with this bunch of berries.blackberries


The salmon berries are starting to ripen too and I ate a few of them, but they weren’t very flavorful.salmonberry


Resting up

I was full of berries by now so I went back to were my boat was and sat down in the grass and just rested up for a half hour or so, right here.shore


From there, I headed back in for the day, crossing back over the river to the boat ramp and went on home.

Puttering in the yard

I spent the rest of the day puttering in the yard and figuring out a parts list to hook the new well up to my brothers garden pipe system.

I looked under the protective cover I put on my blueberries the other day and can now see some blueberries starting to turn blue, so that’s keeping the birds away from them successfully.

That was my day.

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