Paddling in the Wind and Checking for Berries at Swamp Rock

Tuesday May 5, 2015 Jenner CA.

A windy day

The weather guy said it was going to be a bit windy at Jenner today and it was. I put my boat in the water and thought, maybe I’d go down and check out the river’s mouth area, so I started slowly paddling down the side of Penny Island in that direction. I stopped here in this little inlet for a bit, noticing the wind was picking up some more.island


I went on down the side of the island a bit further near the lower end and stopped again here, looking back to the town of Jenner.jenner


Hard to take any pictures

As I rounded the end of Penny Island, I could see these birds resting on the gravel. The wind was making waves which was making it hard to get pictures as things were in rather fast motion, with my boat going up and down and turning all which ways, except where I wanted to take a picture.birds


They turned out to be terns, mallard ducks and a seagull.terns


Cancel going to the river’s mouth

The wind looked like it was even stronger down near the river’s mouth, so I decided I didn’t need to go down that way and went around the bottom end of Penny Island and over to what I call the Slot, which is mostly out of the wind.

The Slot

Here, I’m in the Slot, out of the wind, looking over to the town of Jenner, which is on the other side of the Island.slot


There was a loon diving around in front of me as I sat there in my kayak.loon


Fishing cormorants

Eventually, I went back out in the wind and paddled up the island back channel and passed by this flock of cormorants fishing and making a lot of splashes.cormorants


As I neared the upper end of Penny Island I thought I could paddle into this channel, but found a log blocking my way, so I continued on up the


Geese and Bovines

I saw these geese resting across the river with the bovinosarous.geese


And all the cormorants I’d seen fishing a bit earlier were now resting on the gravel by Paddy’s rock.cors


Sneaky otter

As I paddled by Eagle’s landing, I saw something briefly in the water and was wondering if it was a muskrat, so I watched ahead for it. A lone otter was sneaking by me. It’s head is just barely sticking out of the water in this picture and that’s all I saw of it and it was gone.otter


Looking for ripe berries

It sure seemed like the day was going to be a windy one as it was already blowing pretty good. I decided to turn back down the river and check out the black berries at Swamp rock. I was wondering if they were getting ripe yet, so I pulled in here. There are lots of black berry vines in the grasses on the right picture side, so I walked around in it looking for berries.kayak


Can’t make it to Swamp Rock

But first, I wanted to know if the swamp had gone down enough to make it to swamp rock, so I tried the trail to the rock. That’s swamp rock up on the hill, top, center, left of the picture. And that water you see is the swamp, so I wasn’t able to walk to the rock, although, I could of just walked though the six inches of water, but I didn’t.swamprock


So, instead I back tracked and looked for ripe berries. It’s still early and I found very few ripe enough to eat, but I did see a lot of blooms, so I just have to wait.


Here’s a few of the berries and a few of them are even black. The black ones disappeared fairly fast and so did some of the red ones. :O)berries


After that, back in the boat and headed on in for the day and went on home.

No internet connection

When I got home I found my internet connection had failed so I called my internet provider, which checked with the phone company which said my line looked ok, maybe my modem was bad. I checked my modem and found it to be good, so called them back, This tech found my phone line was listed as out of service, but I was talking to them using the phone, so they called the phone company back.

Eventually, my modem started working again. As near as I could determine, the phone company had done something to my connection and it was fixed now, but they weren’t admitting anything.

With that taken care of I spent most of the rest of the day puttering around in my yard, contemplating what work needs to be done. :O)

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