More White Pelicans, Terns and Harbor Seals, Kayaking Jenner CA.

Friday August 1, 2014 Jenner CA.

A new camera and a new computer?

It was a little foggy when I arrived at Jenner this morning around ten thirty, but not too bad. The wind was down to a breeze and it was just right as far as temperature.

It was low tide as I put my boat in the water, parked the car and paddled across to Penny Island, my usual start off.

I headed up the river on the south side, taking it easy, as usual, stopping at otter’s log for a bit, then continuing on to the Redwood log graveyard, where I sat for a good while pondering things, like a new camera and a new computer.upview2


I paddled up to Eagle’s landing and sat some more, just watching for whatever.eagleslanding


Reasons for a new camera

I continued on up the river to Rat Nest beach where I sat a good spell and did some more thinking on a new camera.

It’s not that I really need a new camera, but a newer one would give me 20x on the lens instead of the ten I have now.

But, that’s not the kicker that got me going on a new camera. The kicker is the newer camera also has Wi-Fi and can be controlled wirelessly by a computer. Now, this does interest me as I’ve played with putting a camera outside and sending the video back to a computer several years ago, but decided to wait for newer stuff to catch up and things to be lower priced so I could afford it.

Now a new camera has some real good things about it. It has it’s own battery, so I don’t need to recharge a car battery for power, which is another plus, especially when travelling.

I’d like to travel somewhere in my van and put the camera out by a water hole or someplace animals are at and be able to monitor it on my van back at camp and also set motion detection to capture pics when I’m busy or sleeping.

So, I’m seriously thinking about getting the new camera and it’s always good to get new toys.

White pelicans landing in the water

After putting that away in my mind, I paddled across the river towards Paddy’s rock, where I watched some white pelicans land and start to feed in the water.

Paddy’s rock, with the white pelicans, that just landed in the water.jenner


A great blue heron was on the top of Paddy’s rock and decided to leave as I approached.greatblueheron


Here’s a picture of the feeding pelicans.pelicanfishing


More pelicans on Penny Island

I left those pelicans there and went on down the back channel of Penny Island and on to the west end, where there were some more white pelicans on the shore.pelicans


I stopped near the pelicans and sat for a bit watching them, when another kayak approached and the pelicans got up and most of them flew off, up the river.pels


Here’s one of the pelicans just after it took off.pelflying


Headed down to the river’s mouth

After that, I headed on down the river towards the river’s mouth. There’s a submerged redwood log on the way that had this shore bird perched on it. It’s about ten inches tall or so. I’ve seen it and several others on the shore here in the last few days.shorebird


River’s mouth area

This is the river’s mouth as I approached. The high tide was coming into the river as I sat there. Lost of harbor seals on the beach.mouthseals


I watched as this brown pelican flew in and landed by the cormorants and seagulls.birds


As I sat there, harbor seals swam around in the water all around me.seals


Ken comes in off the ocean

I was just about to leave when Ken came into the river from the ocean. He’s dressed for the cold water of the ocean and knows how to roll his boat and deal with the ocean conditions. I stay in the river.ken


Back to Penny Island

We shot the bull for a bit, then he headed up the river and shortly I followed headed back to the west end of Penny Island, where more birds had landed.

This snowy egret landed by the terns right in front of me. It’s similar to the great egret, but smaller.snowyegret


Something spooked the terns and they all flew into the air, then started landing again, squawking away, as terns do.terns


I headed on up to the take out at a leisurely pace and was off the water around three PM.

Ordered a new computer

I had a little nap at home and decided to order a new computer, which took me awhile to research. I’ve needed a new one for quite some time now. With it, I’ll be able to watch and edit videos from my camera which my present computer isn’t capable of doing. This one is a fairly fast gamer type one that should suit my needs.

I decided to get the computer first, then the camera next, sometime after my new computer arrives, if I can wait? Or maybe I’ll get it sooner as there isn’t really any reason to wait? :O)

Some yard work too

That done, I went outside and fueled and started the mower and mowed some grass until the thing stopped, likely running out of gas. I was pooped so I stopped and enjoyed the evening for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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