An Evening Paddle with Birds, a Fawn and Harbor Seals in the Russian River Estuary and a Broken Car, Too

Saturday August 2, 2014 Jenner CA.

Some yard work first

It seemed like a good day to do some work on the great ditch water project. I had the materials to install the water pipes, so I worked on that most of the day with lots of breaks just sitting around in the yard, resting and enjoying the scenery.

I got about half of the pipe glued up and a little of the dirt back in the ditch, just enough to hold the pipe down for now.

Off for an evening paddle

Around five PM, I got something to eat and then headed out to Jenner for an evening kayak.

Just as I thought, most of the people had left for the day, so I put my boat in the water and headed on across to Penny Island. It was a bit foggy, with a light breeze for a pleasant evening.

I stopped at the little channel on the east end of Penny Island for a bit and this little hawk landed in the tree over my head.hawk


I left the hawk in the tree and crossed over the river to see if any birds were along the shore on that side of the river. Not too many birds were on that side tonight, but I did run into some cormorants and mergansers just below Paddy’s rock.cormorants


I was checking them  out when I saw this wild turkey in the background. I hadn’t seen or heard a wild turkey around here for a month or so.turkey


I got a bit closer and watched as the turkey worked it’s way down the river and flew over to the lower side of Paddy’s rock. Looks like a young tom?tomturkey


I left the turkey and paddled up the river a bit more and crossed over to Rat Nest Beach at this point.

Crossing the river to Rat Nest Beach, where I rested a bit and had something to eat.ratnest


After a bit, I started back down the river. The breeze had mostly faded by now for a real nice evening on the water.

Headed back down the river in this photo.downriver


Some deer feeding on the shore

I paddled on down the back channel of Penny island taking it easy. Coming out the west end there was a momma deer with her two fawns feeding on the grasses along the shore.

Momma jumped into the brush, but I was able to get a picture of the two little fawns.fawns2


Frolicking harbor seals

I crossed over to the west end of Penny island where there were some harbor seals frolicking in the water.

I sat there in my boat among them, just watching, when one of them came up to my boat and went under me, coming out the other side, rubbing up on my boat. It did this a couple of times before surfacing on my side.sealboat


Here’s the harbor seal as it popped up along side of me, as I sat there watching and trying to get a photo of it.seal


The seals didn’t seem to mind that I was there in my boat and frolicked away, close to my boat making a lot of splashes.splash


This was my view as I sat and watched. See the seal resting on a submerged redwood log, on the right?jenner2


Here it is doing a bit of yawning, as it’s starting to get dark.sealyawn


Headed on in for the night

I left the seals playing in the water and started back in, for the night.

This was my view as I headed back to the boat ramp at the visitor center in Jenner.jenner


The water was close to flat as I pulled my boat out and looked back down to the west.kayak


No sunset, but no matter

With all the fog, there wasn’t any sunset tonight, but it was so nice out, it didn’t need one.

Car trouble on the way home

I headed on home and was almost there when my car was missing a bit, so I reeved it up a bit and that caused the engine check light to come on and some other red lights, but the car still ran, so I was able to make it home. The power steering didn’t work too good either.

I parked the car and opened the hood and looked to see if I could see anything wrong?

The main pulley came loose, Oh, Oh

I sure did. The main pulley had it’s main bolt backed out and was just barely hanging onto the shaft. It was not straight on the shaft either, which didn’t look good.

I guess I’ll be working on that tomorrow, instead of the water pipe stuff, to see if  I can make it all work again? I might have to pull some of my machinist skills forward to get this one fixed, added to my mechanic skills of course.

We’ll see tomorrow. It’s always something, it seems.

Nice day otherwise.

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