Most of the Day Was Rough Roading It and Slow Going

Friday October 7, 2022 Rocky roads in the Nevada Desert

Four wheeling day

We broke camp here around 10 and got on the road.camp1


We started off on a real good road and were making good time. Nice ranch coming up on the left.road2


They had some of everything there as a ranch should.ranch3


We stopped at this spot to have a look at this mud flat by the road.flats4


And we passed by this burro standing  by the road by itself. It watched us as we drove on by.burro5


Making time

The road was getting narrower, but was still in good shape for making time.road6


Another place along the route, out in the middle of no where and the road was soon to get real rocky.place7


The rest of the day things got real rocky and bumpy

The rest of the day was spent going real slow to get over the rocky road. First gear, low range, mostly idling along as that was as fast as we could go. Very bumpy road for most of the rest of this road. It was crossing over the mountains.road8


The road continued like this.road9


Not in a hurry

And this. We weren’t making much time but it was ok, as we weren’t in any hurry.road10



Marty, in back of me had to make a stop here to put a band aid on his elbow as the rocks on the road tend to tear the steering wheel out of one’s hands.vans11


Break time

We continued on and were getting tired out so stopped here for a much needed break and some lunch.lunch13


We continued on and this one was a rough one to get up, bouncy bounce. Just staying in the seat was tough.bumpy13


Camp for the night

The road finally got a bit better and we were really beat so stopped in this nice looking spot by a spring for the night, just after 3.camp14


We are enjoying going over these rough roads and the weather is about perfect.

We will continue on tomorrow on some better roads and then hit another rough one I think.

Nice day.

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