Exploring Smoke Creek Ranch Road

Thursday October 6, 2022 Smoke Creek Ranch Road, Nevada

Horse Spring camp

We woke here this morning to a real nice day.camp1


These donkeys came by to get a drink of water at the spring.donkeys15


We hit the Smoke Creek Ranch Road going north around 10:00 and were on the way for today’s adventure. The road was still pretty rocky but getting a bit better.road2



It wasn’t long before we were on the intersection of Smoke Creek Ranch Road reading maps when these two guys showed up and wanted to talk about the road we just came down as they wanted to go up it to hunt deer. We told them what we knew and thought they could get up the road a ways fairly easy to camp. They took off on their road and we took off up our road. Nice guys.guys3


Good road

Our road headed up through here. The road was in pretty good shape with only a little bit of wash boarding so we make good time, much better than that other road we took yesterday.road4


Old cabins

We spotted those trees out there and there was a road over to it, so we took it to check the place out as it looked like there were some old cabins there.pond5


We stopped at one of the cabins for a lunch break and to check our maps.cabin6


Nice pond

It had a real nice pond from a spring source.pond7


We left there and continued up the road going through here.road8


We were going across that valley on that road.valley10


These deer were in some kind of no hunting zone and didn’t seem to mind us on the road much. They had lots of good feed to feed on.bucks11


Big cave

We spotted this big cave. Lots of smoke on the ceiling from long ago camp fires.cave12


Up ahead we spotted these donkeys keeping a watchful eye on us.donkeys


Tonight’s camp spot

It was after 3 and we wanted to make camp for the night so we were looking for a nice spot and saw a road into these trees. The place seems to be a water hole and overnight camp spot for the old timers traveling west on this road as there was no sign of any cabins or ranch type stuff when I explored the area.camp13


Smoke Creek

Here’s the Smoke Creek at this spot. The beavers did that, dammed up the water.creek14


We are having a great time exploring these roads and will continue North tomorrow.

Nice day.

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