Mulch, Van Gas Leak, Chain Sawing and Beaver Videos

Thursday February 3, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Making beaver videos

I worked on making some more beaver videos last night and posted another one. I call this one The Great Beaver Tragedy Intro and is here.

I also worked on another one of my kayak trip on the river and got it done but I’m finding uploading one this big is taking a long time. I started this one uploading last night when I went to bed and all day today and it’s still working on it and is now at 61 percent. Goes to show shorter video is better most of the time but I thought I’d try it and see how it works out.


I started out the day with a little yard work. I loaded up this wheelbarrow about 8 times and moved this chip mulch to the raspberry patch just behind the chip pile, so not far.mulch12


This is what I moved today, a good start.mulch13


Van smells of gas

The main thing I wanted to do today was test my van for propane leaks as last time I traveled I thought I smelled gas, so I need to check it out.

I turned the tank on and in a few minutes I opened the door and sure enough,  I thought I smelled gas.

That’s it

It was fairly strong so I started looking around the van where my nose was and that’s the heater in the door. I could see the hose to the heater was cracked so that was it.

So I moved the van out of the carport where I could see things to work on it.van1


Cracked heater hose

This is the gas line for the heater with cracks in it near the heater.hose2


Bad gas line when gets heated

See the cracks in the supply line. Interesting enough that’s the same type fuel line that got cracks in it and almost burned my van up last year. The interesting thing is the cracks in the fuel line are near where it gets a little heat from the heater. The engine fuel line got heat from the engine and it seems these cracks are only around places where the fuel line gets warmed a bit.

Cracks in the supply line near the heater.cracks3


Tough stuff to cut

I decided to replace that fuel line with the same stuff I used on the van after the fire. I found the fuel line but it has steel wires in it so I needed my brothers die grinder with a cut off wheel to cut it and he was off somewhere so I put that project aside for now.

Of course I’d been doing some chair hopping around the yard daring all this.


The last time I used my chainsaw up in the woods I knocked the chain off so it needed to be put back on before using it again so I tackled that reinstalling the chain and adjusting it and topping up the fluids.saw4


Forest chores

That done I loaded it on the quad runner and rode on up to this tree across the road.tree5


Three cuts and that tree was logs so I moved them off the road.logs6


I continued to the next place I needed to use the saw through this fire break area that’s getting some new grass.break7


I parked here and walked down the trail behind the quad runner with the chainsaw.quad8


Redwood stumps too wide

The big stump on the left is partially blocking the trail so the plan was to cut part of it off to widen out the trail.stump9


Much better

It took awhile but finally the part I cut off fell down the hill and it looked like this, plenty wide now, the trail is about four feet wide here now.stump10


That was the last thing I wanted to work on so I headed on home having gotten enough exercise today.

I let the chickens out to graze in the front yard which I do most evenings.chickens11


Nice day.

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