Dirt Bikes In the Forest and I Move Most Of the Mulch Pile

Friday February 4, 2022 Guerneville CA.

This morning Barry pulled into the yard with his truck and dirt bike and chain saws.

He was going up into the forest to remove some trees off the roads and after we would go for a dirt bike ride.

He took off up into the hills and I moved about ten more wheelbarrow loads of mulch into my raspberry patch before Barry returned.

Dirt bike ride

We got ready to go for a dirt bike ride.bikes1


We rode around for about an hour going over most of the roads.barry2


And then  headed up to the lookout point for a break. This was the view up there looking over the forest.view3


Resting up

Barry settled down for a rest.resting4


After a good break we saddled up and took off again for some more dirt bike riding.loadup5


We rode up to this spot where we stopped so Barry could hike up there checking where one of our property lines were.walk6


From there we headed home after a good ride in the forest.

Barry took off for home I had a good break for a bit.

Moving mulch

I still had enough time to  move some more mulch to the raspberry patch so I loaded up the wheelbarrow with the chickens help. I moved most of that pile before I quit for the day.chips7


This was my last load and the pile is almost gone, maybe four more loads to finish this up.pile8


Looking good

I moved most of this onto the raspberry patch today, about half of the patch is done so far. I’ll need to get some more woodchips to finish this up, so after they delivery some more chips I’ll be able to finish this up.mulch9


Here’s another view of the berry patch.patch10


After dong that I was pretty tired out and ready to go in for the night.

Nice day.

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