My Brother’s Golf Cart Woes Keep Me Busy

Wednesday January 24, 2018 Guerneville CA.

A rainy day

Today was a rain day as it was raining when I got up this morning and got it going. It rained hard for most of the day.

Had intensions

I had intentions of cleaning out my van and doing some prep for a trip, but it was just too damp out, so I stayed in the house and napped and read until my brother showed up back from his vacation.

So he comes by and says neither one of his two golf cart’s battery chargers were working and needed some help.

Bad extension cord

I grabbed my meter and went over to see what was going on. First off we found one of his extension cords was not working. That solved the problem for one of them, but not the other one.

Looks ok except for the loose wire

We took the cover off the other one, but couldn’t see anything really wrong, although there was one wire that wasn’t connected and didn’t seem to go anywhere. I measured some stuff to make sure the unit was getting power and it was so that was all I could do for now.

You Tube to the rescue

I went home and went did a search on the charger and didn’t find any help so I went to You Tube. At first I didn’t find anything to help as I was using the wrong search words, but then I found one video on repairing the units and watched a couple more. They showed where the loose wire was supposed to be hooked up to.

So with that knowledge, I went back over to my brothers and told him that loose wire goes to this spot and we hooked it up to the golf cart to try it out. If that didn’t work I knew how to check to see if the circuit board was bad, but when we hooked it up and plugged it in, it started to hum.

That loose wire turned out to be the problem, so that got fixed. Saved by You Tube.


I got a dozen eggs and some pig sausage as payment and went on home in the dark as the day was over.

Can’t make up my mind

I did spend a good deal of time thinking about where I want to go on a trip. I have some ideas, but am still working on it. I’d like to go up to Port Orford Oregon, but the rains are heavy for the next week or so, but then they are supposed to turn to showers with maybe some sun, so that’s still a possibility.

I could also go down to Quartzite which I want to do, but I’d rather wait a bit for the rush down there to be over.

Best bet

Right now it looks like my best bet is to wait a week and think about it while the rains do their thing and I can get some more stuff done around here for spring and then decide and head out somewhere.

That was my day.

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One Response to My Brother’s Golf Cart Woes Keep Me Busy

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    So in between the rain showers and the napping, you managed to solve your brother’s issues with the golf carts. I’d say that makes for a pretty productive day!
    Good luck with your trip plans. It is warm in Quartzsite but incredibly crazy too!

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