Working on the Golf Cart and Doing Some Electrical Stuff

Friday March 4, 2016 Guerneville CA.

A drizzly day

It was drizzling lightly as I got it going today around noon. Those darn hives kept me up late last night, so it’s a good thing I don’t have to be anywhere most of the time.

Change in plans

It looked like the rain was going to let up so I got my stuff together and went out the front door and heard someone making noise in my woodshed. Tom my brother said he was clearing it out to put his golf cart in so he could work on it out of the rain as he got his controller back from the rebuild guy.

But he wisely decided that was a a bad idea because if he dropped any parts they would disappear in the wood debris on the ground. I got my woodshed cleaned up a bit though.

I suggested we just put the tarp around it where it was, so we set it up and Tom got to work on it.golfcart


Not fixed yet

I was still thinking of going kayaking. But before I could get away he had the new controller hooked up and tried it out and no go. What now? Hummmmmmmmmmm?

Now what could that be? I was out of ideas. So I measured the batteries and found them to be a bit low, so suggested we put the charger on it and go from there.

Try the charger

He got the charger and hooked it up and it would not turn on to charge. What? After scratching my head, I reasoned it all worked before we started messing with the controller, so I started pulling wires around the battery charging socket and found one of them not hooked up, the one that went to the negative battery post.

Tom hooked it up and tried the cart again. Still no go. I was out of ideas and I know not to mess with this kind of stuff until the batteries are charged up first, just to be sure they are up to par and not the problem. We put the charger on and I was still thinking of going kayaking, but I was cold from being outside without a warm enough shirt on, so I went in the house to warm up with a cup of coffee and thought about it for a bit.

What to do now

By now it was almost three PM and the day was almost shot and it might be raining down at Jenner, so maybe I should be more productive today and save the kayaking to a nicer day, that way getting one of my tasks out of the way and not using up a nice day for it.

I needed to do some repairs on the electrical supply line to one of my brother’s wells to set up a pump soon and most of it was inside a garage.

Loading up the wheelbarrow

The first step was to load up the wheel barrel with tools and supplies. I loaded what I thought I needed and then took a break to think about it some more. I added some more stuff thinking I had what I needed and I wouldn’t have to come back to the house and get more stuff as I worked on the job, but that’s not the way things work.

Anyway, I worked on replacing the old wiring and only had to come back to the house for stuff about six times. :O)

That part of the job is done

By now it was about six PM. As I walked back in to my yard Tom was messing with his golf cart and said still no go. I suggested we leave the charger on for now and deal with it later.

Oranges and a power washer

So I go over to his house to get some oranges another brother Mike grows and he says do you think you can get the pressure washer going as it won’t kick the pressure up when the trigger is pulled. I said I’d have to go to Utube and look into that, which I did and it looks like an easy fix if the loose hose fitting I told him about doesn’t fix it first.

I took my oranges and went on home and took one of those oranges out of the bag and dug in. Delicious. Noting like homegrown. :O)

That was my day.

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