My Trip to the Dermatologist and a Do Nothing Day

Tuesday April 5, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Today was going to be a sorta do nothing day as I had an appointment with a dermatologist to check out my rash at 1PM, so there wasn’t much time to do much else, although I did have some plans to do some wiring on my brothers main well for a new pump later in the day.

I got right in for my appointment and only had to wait about ten minutes which was good as I knew I’d been overbooked, which I didn’t mind as it was the only way I was going to get an appointment this soon.

She lessoned to my story and asked some questions and agreed it was a burn from using too hot of water too often and too long in the shower, which I was doing as it would knock out the itch from my corn allergy. Only trouble was when my corn itching got worse, I did too much of the hot shower which slowly dehydrated my skin and then things started to burn, but the water wasn’t hot enough to turn anything red, only itch, just like from my corn allergy, so it went undetected, until I did it enough to finally start turning things red and thus the unknown rash.

She gave me some steroid cream I could use that she said would knock out the itch, but then she realized my rash covered a big area and advised me to cut the cream with some petroleum jelly so I would have enough as she could only give me one tube of the stuff. She also gave me some different antihistamines which she thought might work better than what I’d been using.

As long as I had her cornered, I asked her to have a look at the hot spot I feel in my right ear as I had been reading her skin cancer facts on the wall while I was waiting for her to show up.

She said, yes that’s a bad one, but it hasn’t turned bad and was good to get this now as it was in a bad place to treat if it got cancerous, so she got her bottle of spray out and froze things in my ear.

I mentioned the rest of me could use some going over too, but considering how messed up most of  my skin is I suggested we work on that stuff some other time so she set me up with an appointment for that in two months.

Things went well there, but when I went to the window to pick up my meds, there was a problem as one of the drugs she had ordered, they didn’t have and they would have to substitute, which needed to be ok’d by the doc. , but something clichéd in the computer and things didn’t work for a couple hours until they finally cleared things up with that.

By this time I was pretty beat and just wanted to get home for a nap. I was going to do some shopping, but to heck with that.

I mostly moped around the rest of the day, just too tired out to do much of anything. I started to get the tools and supplies together to work on the pump electrical, but my butt was dragging so bad I just couldn’t get it going and that was my day.

I think my rash is starting to get a bit better as last night I was almost able to sleep, but not quite, so I’m hoping things are going to get better now. The rash is bad enough hurting and itching the way I t does, but not being able to get much sleep is even worse, talk about a zombie.

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