Winds Pick Up, So Ray and I Go For a Little Hike to the Indian Rock

Monday April 4, 2016 Jenner CA.

A windy day

The weather guys said it would be a little windy today. Ray was going to meet me at Jenner and we’d decide to go there or return to Monte Rio if the wind was bad.

Ray was at the ramp when I arrived. The wind was up a bit, but we were used to it some, so we decided to go and put our boats in the water.

We crossed over to Penny island and sat here for a bit.jenner


Then we moved up to the little channel on the upper end of the island and sat some more as the wind picked up some


Going for a little walk

We headed on up the river looking for a place to go ashore for a little walk. We decided to land here at Indian rock trailhead, so we put ashore and tied our boats up so they’d be here when we returned.shore


Where the trail starts there is an old bench that the river otter’s usually mess up with poo. Today, something had been in the area and did a lot of marking, but the bench was clean so I think it might not of been the otters there recently, but maybe the Muskrats or something else?seat


The trail starts out going straight up the hill through a lot of brush, including poison oak that cannot be avoided. I itch enough without that stuff. Ray and I are fortunate we don’t get the stuff.trial


Indian rock

The trail comes out just below the Indian Rock.rock


Ray spied a freshly used hole in the rock so he got down to investigate cautiously, thinking there could be a snake in there. He didn’t see anything.hole


On top of the rock

We climbed up on the rock and sat at the top in the wind for awhile just enjoying the day.view


We sat in the wind for a spell, then I suggested we find a spot out of the wind on the side of the rock, so we sat there for awhile longer.

Ray said he wanted to go down on a different trail, so we veered off and went down another way.

Ray is going through a little creek and has his hand on a tree some deer had been rubbing it’s antlers on, taking off the bark.ray


When we got back to our boats, we noted the wind was up good, so we headed on down along the shoreline. Ray’s just getting into his boat as we started back down the


I followed Ray down along the shoreline and we crossed over to the boat ramp in some windy waves and pulled out for the day and went on home.ducks


Any strawberries yet

When I got home, I decided to go over to my brother’s garden and see if there were any strawberries ripe yet.

I crossed over this bridge that crossed the creek to get there.creek


That big green patch is all strawberry plants with lots of white blossoms, but no berries yet.berries


No strawberries, but we got asparagus

I walked up to this end where his asparagus plants were and picked a few of those for my dinner tonight. Tom’s been preparing the soil for this years plantings which he will do as soon as it warms up a bit


I went on home and sat around in the yard for the rest of the day and that was my day for another nice one.

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  1. Patti says:

    Hi Bob,
    Glad to hear you are maybe getting somewhere with your skin condition.
    Watch those hot showers. Have a good spring. Say hi to Ray for me.

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