Napped Most Of the Day, But Still Got Some Stuff Done

Monday July 10, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Tired out

I woke up today, tired out. I got something to eat and it was nap time. I napped on and off throughout the day, getting some stuff done between naps.

I went over to my brother’s chicken pens and gathered the eggs up for him while he’s taking a couple days off.chickens1


Cleared some logs

After another nap, I gassed up the small chainsaw and took it up into the forest and  parked here.quad2


Those two trees got cut off the trail so I could ride on up the trail.trees3


The trail is just barely wide enough for the quad runner. I take it slow so I don’t fall off the trail.trail4


Once up to the ridge top, I ride along it for a bit and I parked it here as far as I can go for now, until I get that trail completed.quad6


Leafless Wintergreen plant

I rode on up here to see how the plant was doing. I was surprised to find it still blooming a bit. It’s been blooming for over a month now.leafless5


Headed for home

Once I got my picture, I rode on back down the trail, headed for home for another nap.trail7


I didn’t really feel like doing anything today, but I did some stuff anyway.

Spring tapping

I loaded up the quad with the stuff I need to tap this other spring where I parked and unloaded the tools and supplies.quad8


Like I said, I wasn’t into it much, but I was able to get it started a bit, cleaning out the spring hole just a bit, before I needed a break.spring9


That was enough on that project for now. I just put the pipe up on the hill and headed for home.spring10


Lots of water

I stopped at our water tanks to see how much water was in them.tanks11


The tanks were full of water and overflowing out of the overflow pipe, so I got a drink of water and since there is so  much water, I’ll put some sprinklers on in the yard when I get home and I did.overflow12


Nice day for napping.

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