The Weird Plant Is a Leafless Wintergreen

Sunday July 9, 2023 Guerneville CA.

I haven’t had any rat problems since I started using rodent bait on them. But I haven’t checked on them for some time now so I decided to set up the cam on the bait station and see if anything was coming by.station1


I put the cam in this box as it’s not water proof. It’s hooked to my computer and records when there is motion.cam2


I thought I could get that all set up in a short time……….But.

The software needed an upgrade and then it asked for a password that it shouldn’t have so it took some more time to solve that. So after a couple of  hours, it’s running and doing it’s thing.

New spring water output measured

I took a gallon paint can up to the new spring and measured it’s output, not that it really mattered as this is just a get a drink a water spring for me and the animals and the birds.water3


It took 45 sec. to fill so that’s about a gallon and a half a minute, if my math is correct.

Clean up

The road by the new spring was full of dirt from all my digging and the dozer was near by so I cleaned up the road by the spring.dozer4


That pretty much tidies up everything, so I’m done with this job and on to the next one.road5


The next spring

I rode on up the hill to my next spring project to check it out. This one will be real easy to tap as it’s just a small hole coming out of the hillside and only needs a little digging out and not near as many rocks as the last one. I was checking it out to see what I needed to bring up the hill to tap it.spring6


This is the output from that spring. Not a lot of water, but enough for a good drink.water7


The weird plant

I tried to ride up this trail to go check out the weird plant to see what state it was in, but these downed trees stopped me right at the head of the trail, so that ended that.trees8


Plant correctly identified

Nina, in comments, correctly identified this plant as this.

She said:

According to iNaturalist the weird plants are Leafless Wintergreen Parole aphylla

Thanks Nina.

Van Work

I filled the radiator back up with fluid, then started the process of tidying up these wires that are for the electric fans. I needed to get to them when my van was over heating on the way home and had a hard time getting to a fuse that was under them, so the plan is to tidy them up and make the fuse easier to get to, which I still need to do.wires9


Nice day.

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3 Responses to The Weird Plant Is a Leafless Wintergreen

  1. Judith says:

    Glad that plant is ID’d! Thanks to Nina. And what richness in water you have. sigh.

  2. Nancy K says:

    That’s what I was thinking … a basin of some sort for the critters to drink. If I ever need a spring tapped, I’m calling you!!

  3. Barb says:

    Will the “get a drink of water” spring have a catch basin for the wildlife? I do believe I could tap a spring now, if I had to. You’re a good teacher Bob.

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