Napping, Reading and Fasting On a Heavy Rain Day

Monday January 8, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Fuel oil is on it’s way

I got a call around 8:30 this morning. I usually wouldn’t answer the phone that early, but I knew the fuel man might be calling to let me know he was coming out with some fuel oil today. It was him and he’d be by in a couple hours, so I got up and got it going.

It’d been raining hard all morning and was still raining hard. I needed to go out and open the gate for the fuel guy, so I grabbed an umbrella and went out in the pouring down rain and opened the gate.

Napped until  he showed up

I didn’t get wet, but it was cool so nice to be back in the house. I  napped until I heard his big truck out in the yard and it was still raining cats and dogs.

I put on an extra shirt and went out in the carport to watch him fill my tank and chat for a bit as he’s a local guy and lives just down the road a piece.

I was getting low on fuel for my  oil heating stove which I use when I’m not using the woodstove. I used to  use all wood, but since I’m getting older I thought I better get a fuel oil type stove too so now I use them both.

Hoping he wouldn’t get stuck

Anyway after a bit of chat, the fuel guy drove on down the road. I wasn’t sure  he’d get out of the yard ok as with the heavy rains some parts were real soft, especially if he got off the rocked road. I saw the trucks front wheels sink a bit as he drove by  my garden, but that was it fortunately. A stuck fuel truck would make a heck of a mess.

I went back in the house to continue my nap. The rains kept at it all day although not quite as hard.

I did a bit of reading between naps.

Muddy water for fish

At one time in the afternoon, I went out to check the creek for any water yet.

It was flowing about a quarter full with muddy water. The muddy creeks should bring the river up with muddy water, so now the fish will be safe and can get into the muddy creeks that are now flowing with water to spawn and almost nothing will catch and eat them.

Muddy water is the only time the big spawning fish are safe and can do their thing which is to spawn. And rains like this put enough water into the creeks for them to spawn in them as a lot of creeks around here are dry during the summer until it rains again in the fall or winter.

Hear it for the beaver

I guess I should put a plug in for the beaver here. If California had all the beaver that used to be here before 1800, most of the creeks wouldn’t dry up and the fish would have a better habitat to grow up in to become smart enough to make it in the ocean.

2nd day fasting

I’m also on my second day of a three or four day fast. That means I’m hungry and can’t have anything except water and also means my energy level is low with no fuel from the tummy. The body has to use reserves for fuel which is what I want it to do to hopefully change things up a bit for my corn problem.

So napping and reading and being hungry was my day. Some days are like that, especially when it rains.

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