VA Lab and Diesel Containers For the New Toy

Wednesday December 6, 2023 Guerneville CA.


It rained pretty hard this morning, but slowed down a bit around noon.

The lab

I needed to go to the VA lab to have them take a bit of blood for blood work for a yearly appointment next week.

I headed out and the rain picked up real heavy several times while I was in route.

I got in and out quick.

Fuel cans

Then I drove on over to Wally’s to buy four fuel containers to haul fuel for my new toy which I hope to get soon. There went another 100 bucks so I got a big candy bar to celebrate and consumed most of it on the way home.

I did stop on the way to fill up the fuel containers with diesel. Money just seems to fly away.

Once home it was still raining good. All I had to do was unload the fuel containers and it was nap time.

Finance guys

With it raining too much to do anything outside, it was a good time to get some phone work done about what to do with my IRA account. After several phone calls to the guys that were supposed to know what to do, it turned out they didn’t know what to do, so I called my brother Barry to figure it out and then I told them what to do. It’s good to have that problem off the list.

Nice day.

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