Nice Spring Forest Ride and Work On the Bumper Project

Monday April 1, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

Barry showed up for a bike ride so we took off for the forest and rode all around the place eventually ending up at our break spot at the top of the  mountain. Just a blue sky today, but I’ll take it.view


Barry finally put up his hammock for the year.barry

He likes his hammock but I like my chair.hamic

We rode around some more and stopped at a couple of springs for drinks of water and then headed back to my place and Barry took off for his home.

After a good break and a nap, it was time to get to work on the bumper project.

Bumper project

I’d extended the bumper with this nine inch piece of angle iron on both sides. I used the angle iron because I didn’t have any steel that size in square stock so I made it a box by adding another piece of angle iron and an end cap. This was to make the bumper real strong so I don’t bend it, backing into stuff.extension

Making a box

First I had to cut the new pieces of angle iron and grind them off a bit. Here’s the box I now need to weld up and then add an end

This is the finished welded up end extension welded up and the end cap added too.boxed

That’s all I wanted to get accomplished today and besides it was getting dark when I put the tools away. I’m now ready to add some steel pipes to what I have so far. The steel pipes will be added to the top of the bumper to protect the upper part of the rig and I added the end pieces today for that purpose.  The end pieces, with pipes will help protect the back of the boom as there are hydraulic hoses there that need protecting.

Nice day.


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2 Responses to Nice Spring Forest Ride and Work On the Bumper Project

  1. Judith says:

    I can see how you pick rest spots with LONG views, living among all those tall trees as you do. I’d get claustrophobia at least once a day. It does look like Eden though with all those wonderful edibles that just grow and grow…..

  2. KennyD says:

    So far, that looks like it will protect the back of the machine nicely. A little bit more than I imagined, but better too nuff than too none.

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