Barry Takes His Chainsaw To the Woods To Trim Some Stuff

Tuesday April 2, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Pipe roundup

I needed some more metal pipe for my bumper project so I went over to my brother Tom’s to see what he had.

I was able to collect most of what I will need so I brought them back to my place.pipes1

I unloaded the pipe and then studied what I would need to  make what I wanted to protect the back of the rig. I want to protect most of the back including the booms with the hoses, at least as much as possible. And I wanted to protect the engine cover as I’ve been hitting that with trees and messing it up. I bent it so bad the other day, I couldn’t get it open.skiddy2


I was waiting for Barry to show up, so I moved a couple of wheelbarrows of mulch to the garden area. This is mostly pepperwood leaves.mulch3

Barry showed up about one so we took his chainsaw up into the hills to trim some stuff off the roads.

We stopped at this spring for a drink of water. You can see his saw on the carrier on the back of his bike.spring4


We stopped at this big log to trim off a piece of it that was protruding into the road too much and was a bit on the dangerous side.sawing5

Break spot

Then we made it up to the break spot for a break. We’ve been eyeing that little fir tree right in the middle of the view and thinking of removing it.view6

After some more discussion on it, Barry cut it down, but left the little madrone tree, at least for now. Just blue sky with some water haze out there.tree7

After a good break we rode around some more and stopped here to cut this log off the road.log8

And then moved to these trees and cut them up and Barry cleared the way.logs9

Bumper project

I was too tired out to work on the bumper project, but I did think about how I’m going to put the pipes together. Pipes are sort of a pain to cut them to hook them together.

Nice day.

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