Nice Weather For My Trip To Port Orford Oregon

Wednesday January 31, 2018 Port Orford Oregon

Moon eclipse

Last night I was awake around 4AM so I went outside to see the moon.

This is what it looked like.  A light fog was in, so I could barely make it out.moon


This was the best I could do with some zoom.moon2


It was cool out so I didn’t stay out there very long and went back in to bed.

Heading for Oregon

This morning I got it going and put the last things in my van and I was off. Well almost, I stopped in town to gas up and hit the grocery store for a few things and then I was off.

Losing radiator fluid

About two hours into the trip I stopped for a break on the roadside at a pull off. After my break I was walking in front of the van and noticed a pool of coolant on the ground. The new add on coolant unit I installed was just breaking in the hoses. Seems when I install a new hose, it has to go through getting hot before I can tighten things up enough to seal things. Both hoses to the new unit where leaking. It must of just started as when I checked the fluid level in the radiator it was still full.

Arrived at my camp spot in Oregon

I arrived in my camp spot just below Port Orford about fifteen minutes around 8pm. I traveled 9 and a half hours. Not much to say about it. No rain and the weather was nice. I just kept plugging along until I made it to my destination. Of course it was dark when I arrived but no matter. I just had to park and hop in the back.

I will do some reading and then hit the hay.

Tomorrow I’ll drive on into Port Orford and see what’s going on.

That was it for a long driving day.

This is where I camped last night. It’s a rock supply place for the road department overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just south of Humbug State Park.van


I’m now parked at the library for internet access.library


Posted from Port Orford, Oregon Library.

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