Surprised At How Many Crab Pots Were At Port Orford Harbor

Thursday February 1, 2018 Port Orford Oregon

Lots of crab pots at Port Orford Harbor

I did my blog post at the Port Orford library today and then drove on down to the harbor area. As I drove in I was surprised to see how many crab traps were in the yard.

Here’s a few of the crab traps.pots1


New fishing boat

This new boat was the talk of the place. It’s the largest one here and hasn’t been in the water yet.newboat2


The crane is just lifting this boat out of the ocean and onto the trailer.boatlift3


Stacked crab pots

Walking around and looking back down to where I parked the van.van4


Another boat being hoisted out of the water for the day.liftboat5


Boats on trailers

All the boats are parked on these big trailers.boats6


Another view of some of the boats while I walked around wondering what all the traps were about.boats7


Reason for all those pots

It seems commercial crab season had been postponed this year. But this Sunday the season is to open and all these pots will be put out into the ocean.pots8


These guys were bringing more crab pots in with their truck and I hear there’s more coming.pots9


It might be interesting to come down Sunday and see what’s going on as they all try to get their crab pots into their boats and out to sea.

RV park camp

I left there just before dark and headed on over to the Elk River RV park and am camped in Steve’s yard next to his trailer.

That was it for my day.

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4 Responses to Surprised At How Many Crab Pots Were At Port Orford Harbor

  1. Mister ed says:

    Here’s a photo I came across today and I was thinking where you like to kayak on that river
    You may have to cut and paste it

    • Bob says:

      Hi Ed,
      Nice photo of the Russian River mouth area. They lucked out being nice and clear like that.

  2. Richie says:

    Hey, Bob – I’d sure like to see how that motorcycle carrier worked out! Did you bring it on your trip? Love the new format for your blog ;)

    • Bob says:

      I finished the carrier, but now it needs paint which I will do in a couple weeks after I get back from this trip. It looks like it will work out. I’ll put a motorcycle on it to test it out shortly after the paint drys.

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