No Power, Some Smoke, and Some Work In the Forest

Friday May 31, 2024 Guerneville CA.

The power was out when I got it going today and when I went outside the sky was real smoky.

Van tidy up

It seemed like a good time to tidy up the inside of the van. I messed it all up installing the new solar controller, so things needed to be put away.van1

I worked on that and made some progress. But because I also took out the old refrigerator, things that had a spot and used to fit, mostly don’t so I’m going to have to figure some stuff out to get everything back in place.

While I was working in the van, I heard a chopper outside.chopper2

It hung around for quite some time flying up and down the power lines.chopper3

It wasn’t too long after that, that the power was back on.

Puttering around in the forest

I ate some cherries, then went up into the forest for a ride as I wanted to check some stuff out.

The first place I went is to where the new pipeline comes out and dumps the spring water, here.ridge4

I’d made a small puddle the other day and was thinking I need to make it a bit larger.water5

I did a bit of digging to enlarge the pool.dug6

Now the pool of water is twice as large as it was before.pool7

From there I headed to my cousin’s place to our break area. I could see a bunch of turkey vultures out there. Most of this morning smoke had cleared out, but there was still a haze out there. I  heard it was a fire not far from here that burned about a hundred acres.view8

The turkey vultures moved closer to me. Looks like 13 of them and I think the fourteenth is a dragon fly as I’ve seen it before in this view on other pictures.vultures9

Spring checkout

After a good break, I headed down to this little spring in this little ravine. I’d been watching the spring and the water flow had decreased a lot lately so I wanted to walk up the ravine to see where the water was tapped as its one I didn’t do, but I did hook up the old pipe that was there to bring it down to the road.


It was only about a  hundred feet to the spring in the ravine from the road, so I started up it slowly as it was fairly rough. You can see the black pipe there that comes down from the spring.pipe10

l continued up through here to where the pipe went into the ground in some big rocks. I pulled on the pipe and it moved a little and now there is no water coming out of the pipe.ravine11

That means I’ll  have to come back with some tools and dig it up to see what is going on, at a later time.

After having a good look at it, I headed back down the ravine to my rig.pipe12

I continued my ride just puttering around and eventually headed back to my place.


When there’s cherries on the trees, you have to eat them or the birds will get them all in a short time, so I worked on that a bit and did some chair hopping around the yard.

Nice day.

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