Oil Spots But Not My Machine

Wednesday December 20, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Lots of rain

It rained good last night sometimes real hard for a few minutes. And it was still raining this morning until about noon when it stopped and eventually the sun came out for a bit.

Rain gauge

I use a bucket as the five inch gauges don’t cut it around here. The total of this last series of storms is just over seven inches. We’ve had just over 12 inches so far this rainy season.rain


Things were too wet to do anything with tractors today. I put my shovel and chainsaw on the quad runner and rode up into the hills to check stuff out and enjoy the freshly wetted forest.

I didn’t get far on this trail when I ran into this small redwood tree across the road. The chainsaw made quick work of it and I was on my way to the next one.trees2


There were a couple small trees across this road. My rig stopped and I was pretty sure it ran out of gas so I put it on reserve and it started up and I took off again.trail3


Being low on gas and on reserve, I headed for home stopping a couple more times to cut small trees off the road.

Oil leak?

Once back home Tom came by and said there’s some oil spots on the road where the guy unloaded my new toy. OH, oh.

I went and looked and sure enough there were some oil spots on the wet road.

I gassed up the quad runner and rode on over to have a look at the machine and on the ground to see if oil was leaking out. Fortunately, I didn’t find any oil spots on the ground so I think all  is good. The oil spots on the road might have been from the transport guys trailer.rigs4


I looked in the engine compartment and no leaks there either, although the engine oil was down about a  half inch.engine4


Fueling up

I moved the  machine to this spot and poured the five gallons of fuel into it.fueled6


Quad work

Then I went on home and pulled the spark plug out of the quad runner to check it out as the machine has been backfiring some lately. The plug was good so I put it back in the machine when I noticed the sunset to the west.sunset


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Oil Spots But Not My Machine

  1. KennyD says:

    Nice looking beast you have there. So, now that you have the skid steer with the blade attachment, are you thinking of selling the dozer? Can’t drive both at the same time, although your brother would probably give it a good home.

    • Bob says:

      My brother and I both own the dozer, but I’m the main operator. I think I’ll see what the skid will do for now. So far it seems very capable using the 4 in 1 bucket. I haven’t had a chance yet to try out the blade. That dozer built most of the roads on the property.

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