Oregon Trip

June 27th, 2011

Here are a few photos of my trip checking out the Chetco in Brookings, Or. and the Noyo in Ca.

The Noyo was a surprise. To not have to pay launch fees, I went in the evening as a gardener told me the pay collectors go home at four thirty. I try not to pay, mostly because of old time principle. Anyway, the important thing

was I went from five thirty to around eight thirty. no one else on the water and real nice calm water, almost like a lake. Quite a few big birds were in the trees, getting ready to roast for the night.

The Chetco had a lot of gravel bars that were fun to go down, but had to do a lot of walking on the way back. My legs are still hurting from that, walking over all the round rocks, under water, have to look at it as a lot of good exercise, owee though, I don’t remember things hurting like this, not too long ago. :O)

The Noyo pics start with the gull pic. The bridge is one of the Skunk train crossings.

Had a good trip.

Below is a pic of the Chetco river near the mouth.


Below is a pic of the Chetco River.

Chetco river up stream around four miles.


Below, bank of flowers on the Chetco.


Below, some resting galls on the Noyo River.


Below, Noyo river.


More Noyo river.


Skunk Train bridge on the Noyo River.


Lesser blue herein.


Osprey sunning.


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