Preparing the Ol Van

The ol 1967 van has been used a bit for camping in the past, but it was mostly for warmer weather camping where you are inside the van mostly to sleep. Most everything else was done outside around a campfire, if possible. Now, I need a van that I can get inside and spend some time if the weather isn’t too good. So, to this, I decided to build more shelves in the van to get things out of the way.

This is a pic of the ol van.

Pic of old van at camp site

This is how I started it all, with the framing.

pic showing cabinet frame work in old van


That’s just the framing. After working on it for about two months, it looks like this.

pic of finished shelves from the back of he old van

It has a heater. That’s just a place to store it. I’ve since moved it and got a larger one.

Pic of heater installed in the old van

And an electrical panel.

Pic of elcectrical panel for old van

I plan to sleep on the floor on a foam bed that I can leave the bed made up and fold it up under the back shelf when not in use. I enlarged the battery box so I can have an extra battery to power things, like computers, lights and cams. Just need to add the extra battery and put a new door seal on the drivers side and do a bit of work to keep the water out off the drips above the doors and I should be ready for a shake down cruise. Shake down cruise will likely be up in the Fort Brag, ca. way in a couple weeks or so, as soon as the weather gets a little better.

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