Overcast, Lazy Day With a Bit Of Rain

Saturday June 3, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Overcast day

That’s the way it was as I got it going today. Overcast when I got it going. I didn’t feel like doing much today so I mostly took it easy resting my sore back.sky



I didn’t think it was going to rain so I put on some water on the blueberry patch and some other spots too.water


Lots of robins

A lot of the wild plums are getting ripe so the robins are eating them. This one is working on the one on the ground in front of it.robin


Grazing chickens

And the chickens were doing well grazing in the front yard.birds


Blackberry vines

I did work on cutting some more blackberry vines out of the yard. They sure are starting to grow fast and are getting ahead of me.

And it started to rain

Late in the afternoon it started to rain and the chickens started to head back to their pen.rain


Headed for home

The chickens started to head back to the pen as the rain started to pick up.roooster


Then they all headed for the pen and retired there for the rest of the day.raining


With the rain beginning I also headed in for the day. Its’ a light rain and we likely won’t get very much of it.

Nice day.

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