Paddle at Jenner and Checking Our Tanks for Water

Wednesday July 15, 2020 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

The wind was going to be down at Jenner today so off I went around noon to kayak the river.

It was pretty busy at the boat ramp. I put my boat on the ramp and parked the car and was off.

Up river

I wasn’t sure which way to go today up river or down? I paddled across to Penny Island and decided to paddle up river headed this way along the island’s edge. There was high fog but still a nice day.river1


A little wind came up for a bit but not bad and it soon died down.

I continued paddling up the river along here.river2


Sitting spot

I took my time and stopped in places along the way. Here’s one of the places I stopped going up the river.river3


And here’s another place I stopped. Not many critters around today.river4


The little bit of wind there was soon died down as I paddled along here about a mile up the river.river5


I stopped and sat in my boat in this spot for a good bit.river6


A critter

This harbor seal swam by me. I noticed the harbor seals are on the hunt so some of this years spawning fish must be coming into the river. They usually start coming in around the first of August so this is early.seal7


I started my paddle back towards the little town of Jenner up ahead.jenner8


Around the island

When I got back to Penny Island I decided to paddle on down it’s backside channel and stopped here at the bottom end of the island for a bit.river9


Then I paddled around the island’s bottom end.river10


And started back to the boat ramp.river11


Here’s the boat ramp where I pulled my boat out and put it on the car.ramp


I went on home for a nap.

Checking our water tanks water level

After a bit of resting up I jumped on the dirt bike and rode up the hill to check our water supply. My brother has been using a lot of water to grow his farmer’s market produce so I have to keep an eye on the water tanks water level to keep him from using it all. He’s just planted a bunch of potatoes so his water use is up. The water tanks show he’s using about a foot more water than is coming into the tanks per day so he’ll have to cut back somewhere.

After that I just took it easy for the rest of the day supervising my chickens.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Paddle at Jenner and Checking Our Tanks for Water

  1. rachel says:

    I love your blog, Bob! I just started kayaking the lower river. Any idea what the aquatic vegetation is around Willow Creek and up river from there? I am cleaning, draining, and drying my kayak after each trip, and brushing it for weed seeds, but don’t know how worried I should be about moving that particular plant around. It’s at the put in spot at Willow Creek in abundance.

    I saw a mama gray fox and one young yesterday on the south bank between the put in and the Hwy 1 bridge!

    • Bob says:

      Hi Rachel,
      The plants you are seeing are likely lugwidia a so called invasive species. However not all invasive species plants are bad as this one has filled a needed space in the wildlife cycle that was needed after we messed up the river by removing a lot of it’s habitat over the years. There are more things living and breeding in that weed than most anywhere else in the river as it provides much needed cover and food for many species. I’m not a biggie on invasive species as you are and the first thing I ask when one starts talking about how bad something has invaded I ask. And where is it you are from. :O) I’m a believer in diversity and things change and don’t stay the same forever. And as far as I know no one has ever stopped an invasive species from propagating but only slowed it down, spending lots of money. Can’t fight mother nature. but anyway we each have our thing to do in life eh so I don’t have a quarrel with any of it really. :O)
      It’s a real nice river and I’ve enjoyed it a lot, more than most.
      Thanks for the comment, looks like you’ve been around a bit by your blog.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    What a beautiful yak today! That river is so calm and inviting.
    Supervising those chickens is a full time job! haha
    Yup, your brother needs to slow down on the water and pray for rain instead. :)

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