Paddling Around Jenner Watching a Chopper Rescue and Trying to Stay Awake

Sunday September 28, 2014 Jenner CA.

I hung around the house for a bit this morning, because it was Sunday and I expected a lot of people down at Jenner, so I was waiting a bit for them to leave and was down there about twelve thirty.

Real tired out

For some reason today, I was real tired out. I paddled over to Penny Island and sat and rested up, then went a couple hundred yards and did the same thing. I just couldn’t seem to get it going. I was slowly, and I mean slowly working my way down to the river’s mouth area. On the west end of Penny Island, I saw this great blue heron land on this old redwood log.heron2


I made it to the west end of the island and had another rest here. While there, a chopper flew by slowly and all around Jenner. I didn’t know it at the time, but I think he was setting up a rescue.chopper


I paddled out a ways from that point and saw these people over on the ocean shore having a good time, blowing big bubbles and


I continued on down the the mouth area at my very slow pace. It was turning into a nice day and the sun was coming out.scene


I passed this brown pelican having a bit of a bath.pelicanbath


Just past that pelican, I ran into another one out in the water.pelican


Thanks John for all your good work

John, the trash picker upper came by in his kayak and we shoot the bull for a bit before he continued on with his trash duties. John picks up lots of trash around Jenner, almost everyday and really helps keep Jenner and the State Park system here clean.

There were lots of birds flying around the mouth area as I approached, mostly seagulls.rivermouth


Some people just don’t know any better

There was a guy with his two kids playing tag with the waves on the jetty, which didn’t seem like a good idea to me, as I know what can happen when a sleeper wave comes in and washes over the jetty. I noticed the people on the ground, but didn’t understand just what they were doing there, until a bit later.jetty


What were the tree people on the ground doing?

The guy with the two little kids just had a good laugh as this wave washed over and I started to pay more attention to the three people on the ground.jetty2


I could see a lady laying on the ground, but at first I just thought she was looking for something, but maybe not. Also a nice shot of the end of the jetty breaking up. I expect those pieces on the end to go this winter.ouch


The rescue

Eventually, two park trucks showed up. Something was up.rescue


The park guys carried a stretcher down the jetty to where the people were, putting themselves in the bad spot.rescue2


They started helping the lady on the ground.helparrives


Another chopper approaches

I heard a chopper coming and it was going to land. All the birds jumped into the air as it landed not far from the lady that needed help. I wasn’t sure what kind of help the lady needed as she seemed to have gotten hurt before I arrived.chopperdown


The chopper guys came over to help out.morehelp


They helped the lady to the chopper. It looks like she did something to her leg or foot? Maybe she was up on the jetty and a big wave got her? It’s more dangerous than most people realize. It’s signed, but people either don’t read the sign, or just think things are calmer than they look. This area is know for it’s big sleeper waves.headedout


Chopper takes off, but lands again

They loaded the lady into the chopper and took off and landed a short ways away above goat rock, which is just south of this spot.rescue3


I started back in for the day, just as the chopper lifted off and saw it land again.

Looks to me like they are going to transfer the lady to a ground vehicle.rescue4


Because of the chopper, most of the seagulls moved out to the front of Penny island and this is what it looked like as I headed on back for the day.jenner


I checked the estuary water level gauge at the visitor center. Just below six feet. It’s rising slowly. Remember, they are dropping the two summer dams in the Guerneville area.gage


A long nap was needed and I loaded my van

I went on home and took a long nap as I was still tired out today for some reason.

So I napped and started loading my van for a few days at Marty’s cabin near Boonville, CA.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning, right after my brother and I talk with a well driller guy about drilling a well.

I likely won’t post for a few days, until I get up to Fort Bragg, CA., where I’ll be kayaking the Noyo River for the day.

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