Enjoying Time at Marty’s Cabin Near Boonville CA.

Monday and Tuesday September 29 and 30 Boonville CA.

Talking with the well driller guy

First off  Monday morning the water well driller came by and my brother Tom and I talked to him about putting a new water well on the property, as my brother could use a more reliable source of water for his vegetable garden.

They will likely come out in December or so this winter to drill it.

I hopped in my van and headed out for Boonville as soon as he left.

Headed to Boonville

On the way to Boonville, there were several places they were working on the highway, replacing old culverts.

They were just setting up at this one and I thought I might have to wait a couple hours while they cut the old culvert out, but, luckily, they checked it out, then moved and let traffic by, but I bet the next guys had to wait quite awhile.roadwork


Marty’s cabin

I drove up the hill and through the locked gate to Marty’s cabin where Marty and Patti were taking it easy when I arrived.

We sat around for a bit, then Marty and I drove his van up to the Bear spring to check it out to see if we could tap some water there. We found some water in some big ferns that at least looked promising, which we would come back to, tomorrow and dig on a bit.

This is Marty’s cabin as we returned from the spring.cabin


Cooking dinner

I was designated to cook dinner if I wanted a corn less one, so I made up some noodles from scratch, cutting them small.

Cutting up the noodle dough.noodles


I ended up with quite a few noodles.noodle


I  made a chicken chow mien and a chicken and broccoli dish that went over well with my dinner guests.dinner



We took our time getting up this morning and went we did get up, we sat around in the sun for a bit.

Digging for water at Bear springs

Then Marty and I walked up to Bear Spring where we did some digging on the spring for most of the afternoon. There’s a little water, but not much yet, so we will continue to dig on the spring from time to time to see if we can get more water.

Marty went on down the hill and I took a little walk up the hill above where we were digging to check the area out.

This is spring area where we were digging.forest


And this was what it looked like were I looked around a bit above the spot were we were digging.forest2


After looking around a bit, I headed on down the road towards the cabin. I stopped at Marty’s new beach by the new spring barrel and had a nice little break. He’s been putting out benches around the property here and there so he has places to sit down to rest while out walking and I took advantage of this one.bench

I walked down this road back to the cabin, a nice little walk.road


I found Marty and Patti sitting outside enjoying the day as I arrived back at the cabin and joined them.

After a bit, the sun started down so we went into the cabin.

Eventually, we heard the pileated wood picker outside at the little waterfall Marty made. Seems it likes to come by for a drink in the afternoon. It’s a rather large bird, about the size of a small duck and also sorta resembles a road runner looking at it closely.piliatrdwoodpicker


We finished up the day with a steak and potato dinner and that about wraps it up for now.

I will try to post this in Fort Bragg tomorrow when I go there to kayak the Noyo river for the day.

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