Paddling Around the Estuary on a Nice Spring Day

Thursday March 17, 2016 Jenner CA.

The day was looking good

My hives were behaving themselves last night so I got a little more sleep. I headed down to Jenner and arrived about eleven to a nice day. The wind was down and the sun was out. The water was still fairly muddy from the recent rains, but the current had slowed down enough to make things easier to manage.

I put my boat in the water and rode the back eddy from the ramp up to just past the café and pointed my boat across the river to Penny Island.river


I let the current take me across just helping out a little. I went by some buffleheads feeding along the shoreline by the island.buffles


I paddled along the north side of the island slowly heading down to the lower end where I ran into these cormorants and the goose.goose


This cormorant stayed and didn’t fly so I was able to get this shot just before it took off.cormorant


There were some terns resting on the lower end of the island. I hadn’t seen any of them around for quite some time. terns


Did you notice the osprey resting on the stick behind the terns?

There were quite a few harbor seals frolicking in the waters near the end of the island.seals


The river’s mouth is open

From the lower end of Penny Island I looked down towards the open river’s mouth. I could see waves coming into the river from the ocean and it was low tide, so I decided not to go down that way. This was my view down to the open mouth area. You can see why they call that big rock Haystack Rock with all the yellow on it. It’s some kind of lichen. The mouth is open just to the left of the rock.haystack


I headed on  back up along Penny Island taking my time.island


This goose got in front of me and I followed it along as we went, it keeping just ahead of me.goose3


Otters go by

I was sitting here when I noticed an otter swimming down stream fairly fast swimming with the current. Shorty another one came by and then another one . Interesting how they weren’t together as they usually are, but spread out today.

This was about all I could see of each otter as it hurried by.otter


I paddled up to the upper end of Penny Island and sat around for a bit, then turned into the current and let it take me back to the boat ramp down there at Jenner.jenner


Headed to the overlook

I took my boat out and decided to drive on down to the overlook to have a look at the mouth.

The overlook was busy, the state road guys were removing a small slide right by the overlook, so I stopped at this spot to have a look.overlook


The open mouth

This was my view over the bank looking out into the ocean through the river’s open mouth. There’s a couple kayaks down there on the beach on the right. As long as one stays along the right shoreline it’s pretty safe and easy to stay out of the current.rivermouth


Muddy Monte Rio boat ramp

I stopped at Monte Rio to check out the boat ramp. Lots of mud as the water goes down.mudrio


I went on home where I had some good intentions to get some stuff done, but my hives were acting up and I didn’t feel like doing much so I didn’t.

That was my day.

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