Digging a Ditch and Planting Some Strawberry Plants

Friday March 18, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Start with the digging

I decided to stay home today and dig a ditch and work on the golf cart. I got a late start, but I finally did make it over to the main well area to dig the ditch.

I walked by these blooming cherry trees on the way to the well. Nice the rain has stopped to give the bugs some time to pollinate the blooms.cherrytrees


I needed to dig a ditch right about under the shovel to replace an old electrical hookup to the old well that had rotted out.dig


Roots of course

I ran into quite a few roots while digging and had remove them.roots


The ditch took longer than I thought it would to dig, but I finally got through all the roots.ditch


Finished that ditch

Here’s the ditch from another angle.ditch2


All that digging pretty much tuckered me out, so I went on home for a nap.

Planting some strawberry plants

Eventually, I went over to my brother’s garden and dug up some strawberry plants from his last years planting. He turns the plants under every year and replants. He turned these under, but some of them are still growing, so I dug up a dozen or so to transplant to my blueberry patch and potato patch which looks like this right now.patch

The blueberry’s are blooming nicely right now and there are a lot of bumble bees pollinating them. The potato plants are growing nicely also. I planted the strawberries in among them where I could find a spot.

By now it was cooling down for the day so I sat in a chair for a bit enjoying the yard, before going in for the day. I didn’t get to the golf cart job today, maybe tomorrow.

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