Paddling Around the Estuary With the Birds With a Closed River Mouth

Friday November 11, 2022 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

I haven’t been on a paddle for quite some time now, so today was the day to get er done.

Around noon, I headed for Jenner, down by the ocean where the river runs into the ocean.

I got the boat in the water and the car parked and then got in my boat and paddled across the river to Penny Island and stopped here for a bit before continuing on down along the island’s edge.river2


The estuary water was extra high today indicating the river’s mouth was closed, dammed up with sand so the river water couldn’t get into the ocean which made the estuary like a big lake.

Penny Island flooded

That meant a good part of the island was flooded so I took advantage of that and paddled on into the island and sat around there for a bit checking things out and enjoying the nice day.idlsnf3


I watched this great blue heron getting some sun.heron5


Big Old Redwood log

I could see something moving on the top of the big redwood log up ahead.stump6


I paddled over closer to see what it was.stump7


Some blackbirds where getting some sun on the log.birds8


Birds up ahead

After a good while on the water on the island I paddled off it and headed down towards the ocean. Lots of birds up ahead taking a bath and preening in the fresh water of the river.birds9


I paddled closer to the birds and watched them for awhile. The big pelican’s are always fun to watch.birds10


River’s end

Then I continued on down the river to it’s end and sat and watched for a bit.riverend11


The sky view from that spot.sky12



The sun was getting lower in the sky to the west, which is over the ocean on the other side of the beach.sun13


Eventually I left that area and started my paddle back up the river going by all these birds. Something spooked them into the sky and it wasn’t me.birds14


I paddled on back going up the back channel of the island and spotted this hawk which took off shortly.hawk15


I pulled into this spot which is the top end of Penny Island and sat and watched and rested before heading in for the day.island16


Nice day.

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  1. Deb says:

    Nice day for a paddle. The heron is so pretty.

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