Back Ouch On the Work, Dirt Bike Ride and Some Crab

Saturday November 12, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Plans change

I was in the process of moving these cement blocks to another spot I needed them. I got one load done and during the loading of the next load, my back gave me a warning with a sharp pain.cement1


Ride in the forest

I was a bit hunched over and was headed to get a cold pack on my back when my brother Barry pulled in with his truck and dirt bike. I said, give me a half hour on the cold pack and I’ll be ready to go.bikes2


I got the cold pack and we shot the bull for awhile before taking off. My back felt fine for now.


Barry wanted to stop at my brother Tom’s garden to see if there were any tasty apple’s left on the trees. There were some so I filled my pockets.


His garden area.garden3


And some apple trees with apples.apples4


Lots of chickens

We went by his chickens. He has a lot more of them than I do as  he sells eggs at the farmer’s markets.chickens5


Up this trail

Now that we had a snack for later we headed on up this trail and rode around for some time.trail6


We occasionally had to stop and get stuff off the road so we could pass by.raod7


I was throwing rocks off the road when Barry caught up with  me.bikes8


Barry had some clippers so trimmed some branches that would hit us in the head at several locations.trimming9


Break time

We made it up to the top of the mountain where we take a break for a good spell just enjoying the day.break10



The sky view from that spot.sky11



Eventually we took off and rode around some more. I hit a big old dead tree knot laying in the road and my back tire spun out causing the bike to go sideways on this road so I fell down. I’m usually going pretty slow when the bike falls over.This one was soft dirt so getting the bike back up was the worse part of this one.bike12


We headed for home and Barry took off for his house and I did some chair hopping around the yard.

Crab for dinner

Later my brother Tom gave me five crab to eat. They should last me several days. Here’s three of them, cooked and ready to go.crab


Nice day.

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3 Responses to Back Ouch On the Work, Dirt Bike Ride and Some Crab

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Here’s hoping all that wonderful food heals your back.

  2. Judith says:

    Oh good. Your brother did provide you with some crabs. I guess you had been nice to him. I forget, I remembered one brother was going crabbing, but I don’t know if he’s the same as the apple tree brother. Whatever, you do have access to some good stuff. Enjoy, and hope your back doesn’t fuss tomorrow about what you did today.

  3. Deb says:

    The trail looked nice, very green and leafy like back home on the farm.
    Tom has a lot of chickens. I see a math problem in there somewhere…. Tom has X chickens, Bob has Y chickens and Barry has more than Bob not as many as Tom….. I already have a headache.
    Hope your back problem isn’t made worse by the spill today, never fun to spill.
    Enjoy the crab.

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