Paddling Around to Recuperate and Working on the 1967 Van’s Radiator and Fan Hookup

Monday August 1, 2016 Jenner CA.

Recouping from mechanicing

I needed to recoup from all my mechanicing this last weekend as I was pretty worn out. At 69 years of age, this kind of stuff takes it’s toll on me and I needed to rest up a bit, so I headed out to Jenner to kayak for the day.

Which way to go

I put my boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island where I sat around here for a spell deciding which way to go for the day.river


Just right out

The river’s mouth area won out, so I headed on down that way along the edge of Penny Island which is on my left. It was overcast but nice out, not too hot, not too cool, just right.river2


On the bottom end of Penny Island I went past these birds resting on the gravel. Terns and seagulls.birds


High tide and open

I paddled across the river headed for the river’s open mouth. It was high tide so there was plenty of ocean water coming into the river form the ocean.mouth


I sat around and enjoyed the mouth area for a bit. A good place to sit in a kayak is right in front of the open river’s mouth.seals


Heading up the river

Eventually, I headed on up the river going up the island’s back channel and paddling along here.upriver


I could see these birds across the river near Paddy’s rock as I paddled along.cowbirds


Up to here

I paddled up to this spot where I sat for a good long time just enjoying the day and doing a bit of napping too.reeds


Eventually I moved down river to this spot at the Indian Rock trailhead and sat here for a good spell just taking it easy.rockyspot


When I left that spot, I went past these two little baby ducks feeding along the shoreline.babyducks


I paddled by this great blue heron resting on this old tree branch as I paddled by Penny Island’s upper end.heron


Get out of my way

I waited for these geese to get out of my way as I paddled across the river headed for the boat ramp at the Jenner visitor center.geese


Home for a nap

I loaded my boat on the car and went on home for a nap.

How do things line up

After a good nap, I finally got out and worked on the van. I needed to install the radiator and the fan to see how things were going to line up.

I had plenty of space to install them which is much better than not having enough space.norad


First I installed the alternator in it’s bracket as it was down under the fan area on the driver’s side, out of sight.

Once that was done I installed the radiator, the fan blades and the old fan shroud to see how things lined up with the new engine installed, using the old stuff that was used on the inline six engine I took out.

Things mostly lined up pretty good. The fan blades are a bit short as they should be under the shroud to work properly.

I contemplated adding a fan clutch, but after doing some research on them, decided not to, as these old van’s need as much cooling as they can get and the fan running all the time might just be a good idea. The heck with the slight better fuel economy.

So my other options are a longer spacer block on he end of the water pump. I already have an inch and a half one and don’t know yet, if I can get a longer one or not.

I could just extend the shroud out over the fan blades which I might do, if I can’t find a longer extension block. I have some more pieces of the plastic barrel I made the fan shroud from so that would be fairly easy to do.

Get under that shroud

The fan blades need to get under that shroud to work properly.cooling


I need more parts to hook it all up

One of the other reasons I wanted to get this all mounted up is to figure out and measure the rubber water hoses that run to the engine as I will need new ones to match things up. I will also order up two new fan belts, a matched set if I can get them.

I still need the rubber grommets for the pcv valve and pcv air inlet, to seal in the valve covers. I will use the old engines pcv valve as it is good.

And I need an oil stick unit to put on the passengers side of the engine as that’s most accessible in this set up. The drivers side oil unit is too hard to get to from the driver’s seat and besides it would come out under one of my cabinets on that side. I accidentally bought the driver’s side unit by mistake and tried it out just to see and no way will that one work. I had to pound it in to install it as it was a real tight fit, which means I’ll have to destroy it to remove it.

I also need to hook up my heater hoses into the system so I’m looking at getting the right fitting for that. It looks like two, ninety degree street ells with 5 eights inch hose ends will work best for that. I’m not sure if the old hoses are long enough or not and might have to get new longer ones to fit properly.

Things are moving along and looking pretty good as far as the V8 engine conversion.  Still plenty to do, but it all looks doable at this point.

Nice day lazy day.

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