Paddling Jenner and Repairing and Installing the TBI Unit

Tuesday August 2, 2016 Jenner CA.

Paddling around Jenner

It was a bit overcast again today at Jenner when I put my boat in the water this morning. I paddled across the river and slowly headed up the river.island


I had to wait as these geese slowly moved out of my way. They were feeding on the weeds in the water.geese


I went by these white pelicans. They were also feeding on the weeds and moss in the water and whatever else they can catch too.pelicans


I followed the pelicans on up the river a ways. They stayed just in front of me as we moved up.pels


I went by this great blue heron fishing along the shoreline.heron


Most of the pelicans pulled out across the river from me and were preening away and some doing some sleeping too.whites


I paddled up along here stopping along the way just enjoying the day on the water.up


I paddled up to Muskrat and sat for a good while before crossing over the river and going by these bulls.cows


I paddled down along the north shore line where there were a lot of birds resting on the shoreline.birds


And then I crossed back over the river to the south shoreline and went along here.jenner


I passed by this great blue heron resting on this redwood log.heron2


I headed on in for the day and took my boat out of the water and went on home.

Yes, a nap was in order.

Still working on the van V8 engine conversion

After a good rest, I went out to work on my van engine conversion project.

Put the TBI unit together

I finished putting my TBI unit back together. I used thread locker on the screws and some silicone too as I don’t want any more screws going into this new engine like the old one did.tbi


Had to modify the throttle linkage lever

I put the TBI unit on top of the engine. To my surprise, the new intake manifold turned the TBI unit 90  degrees from where I had it before with the old six engine, so that meant I’d have to redo the throttle linkage. I looked under the engine where the gas peddle linkage is and found the lever came out right under the exhaust manifold, so something had to be done.

The finger is pointing to the throttle linkage jackshaft. As you can see the lever I’m pointing at is under the engine so I needed to cut it off and move it to the side below my finger to clear the engine. A cable goes on that lever that goes to the TBI unit. To top that off, the engine is in the way of sliding that lever off the rod it’s riding on, so I had to cut it in half to get it off. I will shorten it up when I redo it so I can take it on and off without removing the engine.gasbracket


I cut the lever off and brazed it on in this new location and also shortened up the piece that fits on the rod. Ready for some paint.bracket


Studying the job

Since the paint was still wet, I couldn’t do any more to that part, so I studied what to do with the other stuff I still need to hook up, especially the rest of the throttle linkage to the TBI.

I looked at what I need to get to hook up the radiator too as far as hoses go and that looks doable too.

I’ve decided to get a three inch spacer to move the engines fan forward more. Once I get that I’ll install it and see how things look as far as the fan in the shroud and go from there.

I also have to hook up my heater hoses so I checked that out to see how to do it and will need some parts for that too, so eventually, I’ll need to make a parts run. I tried to get some of the parts from the local parts guy, but wasn’t very successful with them. They just don’t have it together and don’t have much stock on hand to choose from, so I’m giving up on them and will go to Smoother’s in Santa Rosa where they have lots of parts on hand.

At least every thing left to do to finish this conversion looks doable which is a good thing at this point.

That was my day for a nice one.

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2 Responses to Paddling Jenner and Repairing and Installing the TBI Unit

  1. Ken says:

    You won’t know for sure until you get out on the road, I was wondering how the matchup comparison in MPG between the V-8 and straight six you expect?
    Almost there!

    • Bob says:

      I’m not sure how the mileage will be. Before I put the TBI on the six, I got something around thirteen miles a gallon. The TBI should of increased that at least a little. I actually think I might get better mileage, or at least about the same with the V8. However, miles per gallon isn’t so important. It’s more can I afford whatever the gas will cost for a trip that I look at. Cost per trip and I don’t really pay much attention to that either as life is short and I only have so much time to trip. :O)

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