Dentist, Shopping, Yard Work and Eating Berries

Monday May 4, 2015 Guerneville CA.

A dentist day

I started out the day  at my dentists for some cleaning that went well. As long as I was over that way, I decided I better do some shopping. Home depot for some yard supplies and Costco for eats for me, then I headed home again.

I put things away and had a nice rest, then went out in the yard to see what needs done.

Water pipe project

I had a water pipe that needed some modifications so I dug it up and cut it off and took care of that little project.pipierepair


Raided Armstrong Valley Farm for berries again

I was thinking I should mow some weeds, but I should wait until the sun goes down, so I decided to go over to my brothers garden and eat a few strawberries. His garden is about a quarter mile from my house. This creek had to be crossed to get to it.creek


Strawberry patch

I knew where the berry patch was, right out there in the middle.garden2


Looks like my brother has been harvesting the berries, but I found enough ripe ones to satisfy my urge. :O)patch


Strawberry patch.strawberries


Armstrong Valley Farm

After eating a few berries, I walked around the garden and was looking back here on my way out.gardem3


I crossed the little creek again.creek2


And went through this apple orchard to my house which is by that big redwood tree in the middle of the picture.orchard2


Birds in the orchard

As I walked through the apple orchard some birds flew in and started eating something on the ground. I thought they were wild band tail pigeons, but at least some of them were doves. The ground had just been freshly tilled and they were  eating something  in the dirt, but I couldn’t tell what.birds


No mowing for me

I thought about the weed mower some more as I sat in this spot by my potato patch which you see in the foreground, but enjoying the yard in the evening seemed to take priority. :O)roses


Those weeds

You can see the weeds need mowing and there’s still plenty of time for that before fire season.weeds


That was pretty much my day for another nice one.

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