Paddling Jenner in the Fog and Berries and a Walk on Penny Island

Friday May 23, 2014 Jenner CA.

Foggy, but a nice day

There was some fog in Jenner today when I arrived to kayak. But the wind was down and it was otherwise a nice day.

I put the boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island in the fog. This female mallard duck swam by me with her little ones, headed somewhere in the fog.duckies


This was my view up river just past Penny Island, a bit foggy.foggy


Thinking of some berries to eat

The fog was starting to left a little as I paddled on up the river to Rat’s Nest beach. I sat around there for awhile but was thinking I’d like some berries. There are usually a lot of berries on Penny Island, but I hadn’t checked it out yet this year, but I knew they were starting to get ripe, so I was thinking I needed to head on down that way and take a look see.

I passed a pair of loons as I was paddling along. This was the first pair of loons I’ve seen in awhile down here.loons


Fogs lifting

As I neared Otter’s log, most of the fog was lifting and this was my view of Jenner as I headed down to Penny Island.view


It was low tide, so I was looking for a place to land that wasn’t muddy on the Island. I didn’t have much choice, and took what I could get at this spot. Not too muddy, but a little. This is looking down the back channel of Penny Island towards the ocean.kayak


Walked on Penny Island

I started my walk to find some berries at the old milk barn, here.milkbarn


This was one of my views while walking around the island looking over at Jenner through the salmon berry bushes.jenner


A couple of salmon berries. they are about an inch in diameter and these two were soon gone.salmonberries


There is another variety of salmon berries that seems to be a bit sweeter, but not always.berries


I ate some of the salmon berries and a lot of the little black berries  found on the island. I got a bit lost once or twice looking for berries. The trails on the island aren’t the easiest to walk. Over trees, and through the bushes and grasses on not so flat ground. Everything on one’s body gets a good work out and I did get beat.

When I was done walking around on the island, I had a bit of a much needed nap in the grass before getting back in my boat and heading down to the river’s mouth area. It was nice in the warm sun.

Most of the fog had lifted by now and the wind was down to almost none. Great.

Headed down to the river’s mouth area

This was my view as I paddled down the back side of Penny Island looking towards the ocean, which is on the other side of those trees on the


I stopped at the slot for a break, but because of low tide, there was no water in the slot, but no matter, with no wind, one doesn’t need the slot for a break.

This  is what it looked like by the slot. I didn’t need no slot today. :O)flatwater


I paddled on down to the river’s mouth. The tide was changing to high tide, so ocean water was flowing into the mouth and into the river.

This is what it looked like at the river’s mouth. the sparkly looking water is the ocean water coming into the river through the mouth.rivermouth


There were lots of seagulls and harbor seals at the mouth and some people on the jetty too. It’s such a nice day by now with all the fog gone and the sunshine out.seals


I hung around the mouth area for a bit. My watch was reading just after five PM so I headed on in for the day, taking my time as it was so nice out.

Home for a nap, this kayaking and walking around sure wear me out. :O)

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