A Windy Day With a Calm Sunset, Paddling Around Jenner

Saturday, May 24, 2014 Jenner CA.

Evening paddle at Jenner

Being a holiday weekend and all, I knew there would be a lot of people out today, so I stayed around the house most of the morning puttering  around, not doing much of anything, although the grass weeds need mowing.

Later I went down to Monte Rio to visit a friend and help him repair his drink mixer. He had bough the part and looked on Utube to see how to fix it, but couldn’t get the part off. I looked at it and looked at the new part and opened the new part package and read the directions on how to simply get the old part off and we fixed that in short order.

I visited for awhile before heading on down to Jenner, where I was hoping most of the people had already left for the day. It was fairly windy when I got there and I’m sure that helped clear of lot of the people out for the day.

Anyway, it was windy and the sun was out. I headed on over to Swamp Rock Trail to eat some berries and get out of the wind for awhile. I was planning to stay until at least sunset tonight, so had a bunch of time to kill before that, so I ate a bunch of berries and sat around the shore line at this spot for quite awhile day dreaming.

This is the spot where I went ashore to eat some berries. My boat is up the shore a ways in the picture. This is looking up the river from the Swamp Rock Trail head.kayak


While I was sitting there, I saw some geese sitting across the river on the shoreline, so eventually, I got back in my boat to see if I could find them, but they were gone. I continued on up to Paddy’s rock and as I rounded that, where some of the geese were.geese


The wind picked up some more

I continued on up the river just a little further before crossing over to the other side to get out of the wind that had picked up even more. It wasn’t too bad once I crossed over the river.

I’m cruising along this side of the river staying out of most of the wind and heading down the river.downview


Now, the wind is calming down

By the time I got down to Penny Island the wind was starting to settle down a bit I was hoping it would mostly stop by sunset, which it sometimes does, but not always.

The sun is getting low in the sky by now.

This was what the old milk barn on Penny Island looked like as I passed heading down to the river ‘s mouth area.barn


Harbor seals swimming around in the water

There were quite a few harbor seals swimming around near the west end of Penny Island making lots of splashes.

Here is a momma seal and her pup.seals


As I headed on down to the mouth area, the sun was getting close to setting for the day and looked like this and was in my eyes most of the time.sun


The river’s mouth is open

It was high tide and a lot of ocean water was coming into the river as I sat in front of the river’s mouth. The ocean was real rough and I was glad I was in the river. As you can see the river’s mouth is wide open.russianriver


This is a picture of the seals and birds on the right sandy beach of the mouth. Some birds and seals resting there, with the water coming in from the ocean at high tide.seals2


This was the same area from a different angle just before I left the area, after sunset.pelican


As the sun set, I started back up the river. This is what the sunset looked like as I paddled away, backwards, with a seal in the water too.jenner


The harbor seals seemed to be fairly active in the water as I paddled back. Several of them made this big splash, doing what I know not. Maybe just playing?sealsplash


This was the final sunset picture before turning and heading on in for the day.sunset


It’s starting to get dark

It was near dark as I entered the boat ramp and visitor center area and this is what it looked like. You can see the water surface has gone flat by now with no wind.visitorcenter


I put my boat on the car and headed on home for the day. Even though the day started off windy, it ended with no wind and a nice calm flat water surface for a nice day.

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