Parts Run and the Air Cleaner and Dip Stick Problems on the New Engine Install

Thursday August 25, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Parts run day

I needed to make a parts run to Santa Rosa today to get some more stuff for the van engine install. I had ordered an air cleaner for it and it was in, so off I went.

I stopped by to visit Steve a bit on the way to return the engine tilter is all I can think to call it. He had  also been up to Usal Creek for the last three weeks so I got a report on that and we shot the bull for awhile before I continued on to Smother’s Auto parts.

I needed a few other things too, so I shopped around in their store for a bit before seeing Jake about the air cleaner and an O2 sensor. We found what I thought I might need and I went on home.

Installing the air cleaner

The air cleaner looks good and like it might fit under the engine hood cover.engine


But it has a little problem that wasn’t unexpected. The air cleaner hits the distributor on the left side just a bit.air


I though it might clear and it almost does, but I need a spacer to rise the air cleaner up a bit. I was going to get one, but this air cleaner was raised up a bit already when I had a look at it in the store and I thought it might work. It almost does, I only need about another eighth inch or so. So I need to improve on that.

You wouldn’t think the oil dip stick would be such a problem

I’d been trying to get an oil dip stick to fit into the engine and have been having some trouble with it doing what I want.

Here’s the nice looking one I got today, but I didn’t check the length of it and I forgot to take the other one that is the right length. But it sure looks nice.dip


The problem is it’s too short to fit up above the engine cover once I put it on. you can see some of the engine cover to the right and it has to clear that on the back half cover too.dip2


So I’ll use this ugly one

This picture shows it better. This is one of the other dip sticks I’ve been working on. Trying to give it just the right bend to get it up high enough to clear the cover. I almost have this one bent to fit, but right now it’s hitting the exhaust manifold which isn’t good.bentdip


So, this is the dip stick that wins I think. If I don’t get the stick up high, I would have to remove the engine cover to check the oil and I’d rather not do that.

I spent the rest of the day studying what I need to do to finish this up and mostly took it easy and enjoyed my yard.

That was my day.

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2 Responses to Parts Run and the Air Cleaner and Dip Stick Problems on the New Engine Install

  1. Bob says:

    Hi Ed,
    Hummm, hadn’t thought of using a transmission stick but as I remember they are longer for sure. I think I can get the longer one I have to work as I almost have it bent properly. I’ll check it out tomorrow as I didn’t get time to check it out today. If what I have doesn’t work, I just may find one of those tranny dips.
    Thanks for the tip,

  2. Mister Ed says:

    If you find a Chevrolet transmission dipstick ( there a lot longer )you could switch your automotive one to that and you could raise it up higher closer to the top
    But would need to cut the existing transmission stick to the appropriate level and put 2 notches in it and attach it to the the a higher point on the engine cover

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