Parts Shopping for the Van Engine Conversion Project

Friday August 12, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Need parts to get the job done

Today I needed to go to Santa Rosa to the parts stores to get some more parts for the van engine conversion project. So, after I got it going I spent some time figuring out just what I needed to continue on with the project.

Bolts first

First, I stopped at the Forestville Hardware store to get some bolts for the engine mount spacers I built as it was on the way. Ray advised me that this store had a good assortment of bolts and I found what I needed. I also picked up a bolt to extend the new clutch rod I’m planning on building as I needed a three eights fine thread that isn’t easy to find in most stores these days, but they had what I needed.

Got the right plug wires

Mostly, I needed the right spark plug wires more than anything. I went to Smother’s auto parts store and talked with Cindy. I exchanged the wrong ones for the right ones and she helped me hunt up some other little things too.

An oil dip stick was supposed to have been ordered but for some reason it didn’t get ordered so we did that again.

Black paint

I then went over to Wal-mart and got some more black paint to paint under the van and a couple chocolate bars too. :O)

Hunted around the PepBoys Store

PepBoys, another auto parts store was right next store so I went in and  looked through all their isles to see what they had that I might be able to use. I was interested in air cleaners, but didn’t find anything I wanted to use.

Throttle cable kit

I did find a universal throttle cable kit that looked like it would work for me, but I wanted to check some things on the engine first. The one I now have I made out of bicycle cables so it’s a bit light, but worked fine on the old engine, but I’d like to have a bit beefier cable in there just to be sure it never breaks. After checking on that when I got home, I should of bought it. Next time.

Thinking about what I need to do to finish up

I went on home from there. I spent the rest of the day just studying what I have to do to finish up this project. I only have a few things to do, but they all seem to take a lot of time, so I continue on. I hope to get most of the rest of the stuff I have to do done this week end, so I can go get the muffler system installed this next week.

That was my day.

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