A Quiet Peaceful Paddle at Jenner and Some More Work On the Van Project

Thursday August 11, 2016 Jenner CA.

A peaceful day

This is what it looked like as I crossed over the river to Penny Island this morning. A little fog and overcast and the wind was down.island


Some pelicans were flying around looking for something to eat.pel


I paddled on by these geese on the upper end of the island.geese


And there were three crows cawing about something. Here’s one of them.crow


I slowly worked my way up the river and could see these birds resting by Paddy’s rock, across the river from me.birds


I was paddling along here when I spied an osprey up in the trees on the right.upriver


It put it’s wings out for a moment as if to fly, but settled back down as I passed.osprey


I continued on up the river headed to the muskrat area just up ahead.river


This is as far up the river as I went today, about a mile. I hung out in this area for some time watching and napping.rocky


As I was sitting there taking it easy, these mallard ducks landed and started feeding on the weeds in the water.mallards


Eventually, I paddled across the river to Paddy’s rock. When I rounded the rock, I ran into all these birds taking it easy on the gravel bar.paddybirds


I continued on down the river’s north shoreline along here.jenner


Young river otters

Where I ran into three otters headed my way hunting as they went. They looked like young otters. There are three of them in this photo. They went to shore and hid in the brush as I passed.otters


Just past them and almost back to the boat ramp, I went by these flowers blooming. Pink Ladies, or naked ladies maybe?pinkladies


I continued on to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

Work on the van project continues

Of course I had a little nap then went out and did some work on the van project.

The other day when I hooked up the clutch linkage, I noticed one of the activating levers was badly worn and it’s been wearing on me, so I took it off and had a look at it and made some plans to replace it once I get a new bolt to make what I have planned work out.

I also studied the problem of where I was going to put the radiator overflow tank. It seems there isn’t much room to put a good sized tank so I had to work on it. I have some ideas on that one too. I’ll just have to wedge some kind of tank in there somewhere.

The rest of the day I spent thinking about what and how I need to do what I have left to do.

Nice day.

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