Pipeline Work In the Forest and the Quad get’s It’s Oil Changed

Friday November 25, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Game cam pictures

This fox came by several times during the night. It looks like there are several foxes that come by here at night.fox


Black panther

It was unusual for this black panther to come by as I hadn’t seen it before.cat


Ok, so it was my neighbor’s black cat. :O)


The bobcat did come by right at daylight this morning. It stayed about three minutes then headed back up the hill by my gate. The chickens were all still locked up in their pen, safe.  All I got were fuzzy pictures of the bobcat for some reason.

What to do

I usually chair hop around the yard and figure out what I want to do each day. That is if I already hadn’t made some plans. Today, I had no plans but I did know I had plenty to do around here, there always is.

Pipeline work

Continue burying our spring water pipe seemed like the best choice as besides getting the pipe buried, I get plenty of exercise and an enjoyable day in the forest.

I rode up to my usual spot and parked and headed out the trail to get to work.trail1


It was after 4 when I quit for the day and headed on home down this road. Those are mostly maple leaves on the ground.road2


Water tanks

I always check our water tanks to see how much water is in them from our springs. I can see the gauge from this side and they are full to the tops.tanks3


I continued on home through here which is always a nice area to go through.roadhome4


Quad oil change

I noticed that for some reason the oil in my quad had turned black. That’s strange as I’ve been running it for years and the oil was always an amber color. It’s never been black before.

I got the stuff out to change it. But before I pulled the oil drain plug, I put some fresh bait in the rat feeder as they have been slowly eating it. I wanted to get that done before it got too dark.quad5


It was getting dark by the time I got back to the oil change and had to use my flashlight to see. I pulled the drain plug and decided to let it drain over night and finish up this job tomorrow.oil6


Nice day

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Hahaha I looked at that and said “I don’t think there’s any black panthers around there”!! Great picture. Funny how the kitties are so nocturnal!!

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