Crab For Dinner, Metal Box Construction, and More Pipe Trail Work

Thursday November 24, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Crab day

My brother Tom went over to retrieve the metal bending tool I needed to make a small metal box.

I got the tool and he gave me three crab for dinner today he had caught in the ocean.

I ate one right away for an appetizer and saved the other two for dinner tonight. He had cleaned them for me so they looked like this ready to eat and enjoy.crab1


Bending tool

The vice grip looking thing is what I use to bend sheet metal and the tool I couldn’t find yesterday to do the job. I had the metal piece all cut out and ready to bend up the sides, from yesterday, so all I had to do was bend it up, all four sides.



Bending up the sides

The tool works pretty well. I just work my way around the sides bending one up at a time.bending3


Little metal box

All bent up and is now a little metal box. I made this to put wet bread dough in to put in my deep fryer basket, to make deep fried bread out of real wet dough, as in no kneed . The little metal box is more of a tray to  hold the wet dough for cooking to keep it contained otherwise it will run all over the place, remember I said it was wet dough, a little thicker than pancake dough.boz4


What’s the metal box for

I can put a layer of wet dough in there and then some raw hamburger meat and another thin layer of dough poured on top and cook it. Sort of what I think they call a Peruski or something like that. I plan to try some other stuff besides the burger meat, like chicken.

Game cam

I checked the game cam and only a fox came by lost night, no bobcat which was good.

Pipe burial work on the trail up in the forest

After doing some chair hopping and just enjoying the day in the yard, I took the chainsaw up into the hills to work on the water pipe burial project going through this area to get there.road5


I parked in my regular spot and headed down the trail with the chainsaw.quad6


I need to cut these logs off the trail but I went past them for now as I wanted to make sure I cut a tree down first and would get these later.trail7


I hauled the saw to this tree to cut it down as it was on the trail and hard to get by it.ferns8


I just need to cut it and let it go down the hill so I can work on moving dirt in this spot to bury the water line.tree9


All cut down

The tree is cut and out of the way.cut10


I had several other things to get off the trail so this one was next.rotts11


And his one.log12


And that big tree behind the saw. It’s too big to get completely off the trail.tree13


I cut that one and just trimmed it back as much as possible  so I could get by it.cut14


When I got cut what I wanted to get cut, I went back and did some dirt work, until it started to get dark on me. I was pretty beat as I hauled the chainsaw back up the trail to the quad runner and rode on home, beating the bogyman just barely, before it got too dark.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Crab For Dinner, Metal Box Construction, and More Pipe Trail Work

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I admire your skills to make what you need to get a job done. Would like to see the finished sandwich.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    That pan should work great! Whatever that dish is called, it sounds yummy.
    I can’t get over how those trails look so narrow.
    Good job with the cutting.

  3. Nancy K says:

    I’m amazed … you MADE the pan to cook the bread. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!! As to the crab … my mouth is watering. Oh how I miss it … and buying it in the store is a poor excuse for crab. That’s lots of hard work, that sawing, but fun none the less. Happy thanksgiving!

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