Planting Daffodil Bulbs and Enjoying the Yard

Saturday August 16, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Staying home in the yard today

Seemed like a good day to plant all the daffodil bulbs I had dug up earlier, when I dug the ditch. I had a bunch of them in my wheel barrel.bulbs


The bulbs were spaced along the ditch, ready for the final coat of dirt.daffbulbs


Covering up the ditch

I spent most of the day putting dirt back on top of the bulbs and finishing off putting all the dirt back in the ditch I dug. When the sun was high, I stopped and  just sorta sat around most of the day, chair hopping around the yard, until evening, just before the sun went down.

Spotted a treat

While I was sitting in one of the chairs, this red thing caught  my eye. A lone strawberry growing in my blueberry patch. One of the rewards for planting a plant or two here and there in the patch.strawberry


Finally got it going

When the sun was close to going down, I got into shoveling dirt and was able to cover most of the ditch all the way up, except for a short piece, I’ll do tomorrow.

I worked until almost dark, then just sat around in the yard for the rest of the day. Tired out, of course. :O)

Some different

I was watching this Japanese artists work. She dabbled in soft red hues, so I tried it on a couple of pictures I had.

Here’s a great blue heron starting to take off. Interesting effect.



But, I thought this white pelican looked better in blue.pelican


I made some good progress on the water ditch project today and got some good exercise too, without going to a gym, or spending any money.

Nice day in the yard, working away and enjoying it too.

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