Breezy, Cool Day, Paddling Jenner in the Evening

Sunday August 17, 2014 Jenner CA.

I had planned to finish covering up my ditch this morning, but I woke with my back hurting a bit, so that didn’t happen. I did putter around the yard today doing a few things after I used the ice pack on my back, twice. Mostly, I sat around taking it easy and doing some planning.

Around four PM, I headed on down to Jenner. I figured my back wouldn’t  hurt much more sitting in my kayak, then it did at home.

It was overcast with high fog moving into the river as I put my boat in the water. There was a cold wind blowing too and the tide was just at high tide, as I paddled across the river to Penny Island and headed up.

This was the view as I paddled along.fogview


The little channel on the east end of the island looked like it had enough water in it to cross over to the back side of the island, so I entered and crossed over


I crossed over to the back channel of the island and headed on up the river, passing these two merganser ducks, which I woke. The duck on the left is in the stretch and squirt position, just in case it has to fly away quickly.mergansers


The wind was blowing a little and it was a bit on the cooler side as I made my way up the river towards eagle’s landing. There weren’t a lot of birds around today, but these guys were just below Paddy’s rock across the river from me. Cormorants, merganser ducks and a seagull.birtds


There was some cover from the cool wind up the river, so I continued on up.riverup


I paddled on up to this area and spent some time sitting around, taking it easy, waiting for the wind to die down for the evening.upview


After sitting for awhile, it didn’t seem like the wind was going to die down this evening, so I headed back down the river,  and crossed over just above Paddy’s rock here, looking down to the town of Jenner.jenner


I pulled into this spot and watched for a bit around seven PM. I was getting cooler.jenner2


So, I headed back over to Penny island and sat in the small channel on the east end which is out of the cool wind, in this spot.jenner3


I didn’t stay long before I headed on across to the take out. On the way across I took this picture down towards the open river’s mouth, looking out to the Pacific ocean.mouthopen


That was it, I took my boat out of the water and went on home of the day.

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