Plugging Up Another Hole In the Bridge Bulkhead

Tuesday November 7, 2023 Guerneville CA.

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Hoping this is fixed and I can publish.


Bulkhead work

I got the tools together and got ready to fix up this hole in the bridge bulkhead.

But first I sat down and studied the situation and changed my plan a little. I decided not to take out the cement stuff on the left as it’s doing a good job and it would also make a lot less work for me to take it out and put it someplace else.

The hole

But the hole to the right of it was what I was going to work on today.hole



I had some treated 2x4s and started constructing a frame to hole up the steel sheets.frame


Ready for the sheet metal

The idea here is to stop the current from washing out this area during high water. The dirt here is fairly stable so it’s not necessary to hold it up, but it is necessary to keep the water from washing it out.screwed



I worked about four hours on it before I had the final screw in and was done. And my back was screaming a bit from changing the motor bike tires the other day so hurt a bit so I was glad to be done with this


Nice day.

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